Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is this the beginning of the backclash against Asians?

Anne Le, murdered at work place

New Haven Police say we may never know the motive for the murder of Anne Le the Yale graduate student by her Co-worker. Really? If you know anything about race relations in America, this is an easy one. In this news story(Yale Murder) anonymous workmates of the Late Anne Le paint a picture of her being too controlling. The alleged Murderer was a Lab Technician that used to clean the cages of her rats and she was very picky about how he did it. He had relatives doing the same thing on campus and she was a graduate student meaning she was of a higher standing.

Let us not forget that the Lab tech is White and she is Asian. I know we are not supposed to speculate but hey this is a blog and we do pretty much that all the time for the fun of it.

My first instinct about this case before I learnt of her controlling ways was that the victim may have made the technician to feel inferior and this had built resentment towards her which ended tragically. I have heard of someone who strangled a coworker that used the N word on him and another Black worker that punched a customer who said the same thing.

The alleged killer in this case doesn't seem like a highly skilled murderer given the way he just dumped the body in the building and continued to hang around. Something must have clearly driven him insane.

Why is this racial? I work with majority Asians and most of my class mates are Asians. So I have some real experiences with them.

See, whites can sing praises of Asians as the Model Minority blah blah blah. But whites are never going to accept them as Superior to them anytime soon. Asians need to get this. Japanese Americans seem to understand this very well. They know they are one crazy leader away from an intermittent camp. You will often find Japanese Americans keeping an extremely low profile.
Like I said I work with mostly Asians and I have 2 special talents God gave me. One is to bring the worst out of people, and the other is getting people to open up. I interract with all people at work and hear things from all sides. One consistent pattern I have noticed is the resentment of Asians. They have been stereotyped as sneaky, scheming and controlling. I happen to know many who are not and my boss is a good one, atleast to me.

Humanity's history shows that if one particular ethnicity thrives predominantly then hatred for them builds and many times to tragic heights. I happen to live in an Asian part of Town too and its thriving but you can hear the resentment towards them. Alot of the time its unsolicited.

As for my class mates I could easily form a stereotype about Asian women but I know better. Almost every semester I meet one with a condescending attitude. Their attitude seems to be "we asians are ordained to study the sciences, what are you doing here". I have put many in their place not only verbally but by my grades. The latter is usually very shocking to them and they instantly start respecting me for that atleast.

Why is the Yale case possibly a racial issue? Well if Anne Le is like any of the Asian women I have encountered in my classes and the work place, it is highly likely that her attitude got her killed by one guy who had no control over his anger or who was subconsciously racist and felt dehumanized by an Asian. It is racist because if Anne had been a White woman and showed the guy the same or worse attitude, he would have possibly quit or slashed her tyres, he wouldn't have felt so dehumanized as he felt by an Asian woman.

An alternative scenario to what happened is that Anne Le may have had the split personality I have observed in some Asian women.
I had this Coworker who acted Angelic with men around and was a total bitch too me to the point of saying racially insensitive things. If Anne Le had two personalities, its likely that she took the submissive one home and let the rest hang out at the work place. And that is clearly not fair to those on the recieving end. Such a person looks down right evil and if they meet a mentally unstable person they can be easily harmed. If this is the case, her pending marriage to a White male may have given her false confidence to think that she had arrived and could treat any other white male any how she felt like.

Asians gaining power or anyone else for that matter, need to learn from the mistakes of whites. Very few people are going to allow you to dehumanize them easily.

Let us not forget that Asians have their low glass ceiling in the corporate world. So you are only meant to go so far. Don't get too carried away and think you can treat anyone the way the powers that be are known to treat people. And even they know better.

Asians are on the path to world dominance and no one can stop them. So I expect many such stories to happen. In my conversations with them its a strong source of pride, how they manage their pride and new power is key to how the rest of society especially in America responds to them. Another strong source of pride for them is the rate of white men marrying their women, I have had many an Asian man brag about it, I know, strange but it makes sense since the offspring often look Asian anyway.

So if we can adequately capture Anne Le's personality and relationships at work, the mystery of why she was killed will be solved.