Thursday, July 30, 2009

Congratulations to Roslyn

Congratulations to Roselyn Holcomb upon the completion of her latest Romance Novel.

I will admit that I last read romance novels in my early teens and had never figured out why I went off them so fast. I just realized why. I could never identify with the female characters in those novels. And now I am just discoverng this genre where the central female character is a Black woman and I am over the moon and to top it off, its wrtten by one of our own Black female Co-Warriors Roslyn Holcomb.
Roslyn something about this story says Hollywood. However a word of caution, if it ever comes to that please fight for the female lead to remain Black.
I have never waited so anxiously for a book to arrive from Amazon.
Here is the official website Pussycat Death Squad

To all you stupid racist haters, take a break on this one. Come back later, your company is quite entertaining.