Thursday, July 30, 2009

Congratulations to Roslyn

Congratulations to Roselyn Holcomb upon the completion of her latest Romance Novel.

I will admit that I last read romance novels in my early teens and had never figured out why I went off them so fast. I just realized why. I could never identify with the female characters in those novels. And now I am just discoverng this genre where the central female character is a Black woman and I am over the moon and to top it off, its wrtten by one of our own Black female Co-Warriors Roslyn Holcomb.
Roslyn something about this story says Hollywood. However a word of caution, if it ever comes to that please fight for the female lead to remain Black.
I have never waited so anxiously for a book to arrive from Amazon.
Here is the official website Pussycat Death Squad

To all you stupid racist haters, take a break on this one. Come back later, your company is quite entertaining.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is this the new Farrakhan?

I am not to familiar with the doctrine of the Nation of Islam. I have often bought into the extremist image potrayed by the media. But like all things one has to aquire some deconstructive abilities to figure out the Media's messages.
This particular interview of Farrakhan shows a more sensible person than is often shown. Has he always been this way or like Malcom X has he had a fundamental change in his thinking?