Thursday, May 14, 2009

Has Zuma vindicated himself?

I believe that a better future for Africa is heavily dependent on its women. Amazingly many African leaders know this and some take drastic steps to make it so that women get the education they need.

In Uganda for example the is a woman's Parliamentary seat for every district. There is a Ministry dedicated to women. You will find women in all areas of public life. And all this has happened without as much a significant struggle by the women's movement. Its become the norm for girls to beat boys in national exams. This year was the exception, the boys beat the girls and there was alot of concern that women were losing the ground they had gained thus far. The only affirmative action program they have is gender based. To enter a University girls are given extra 1.5 points to enhance their chances to entrance. The argument is that girls carry alot of domsestic burdens as they grow up and are at a disadvantage while boys have alot more freedom as children. This proposal was initally met with insignificant protest but its been in place for over 20 years. The results of which are seen in the women professionals who are nation builders of today. So there is no interest whatsoever in undoing affirmative action.

There are schools springing up at a terrific rate in the East African region, most of these are being run by women. If these women that have had little support from their governments and elsewhere can spearhead development, what are they capable of if they are given equal opportunities as the men?

In Rwanda's post genocide era, women dominate public service, partly due to the lack of enough male professionals and also a culture that upholds women as key to development.
Africa with its grim realities can only be saved by its women. We have seen what Africa's men are capable of, and its not pretty. Thankfully they seem to realize that there is no future without the empowerment of women. The latest to join this type of thinking is S.Africa's new president, that I am not a fan of, Jacob Zuma.
He has made 42% of his cabinet women. To me that is promising. Could this idiot actually save South Africa?