Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle and what bugs me in Western Society

Everyone has heard of Susan Boyle. If you haven't a clip follows about her stunning performance on Britain's got Talent despite her 'disadvantage' in the looks department.

Emphasis on physical beauty is my biggest pet peeve about Western society. I have often been labelled online as ugly for my stand against Western draconian and oppressive beauty standards. I will now call the Western Beauty industry, the Fascist industry. There are too many similarities in its operational methods with the Nazi. Only certain looks are accepted while others are pushed to extinction. Those that are favored are then under a strict code to fit the ideal that is unrealistic. And let us not get the lab experiments, chemicalization and physical alterations that go with all that.

Back to Susan Boyle. When I first saw her, I didn't think she was unattractive. I saw a woman that simply wanted to sing and could be gifted. I was horrified by the initial reactions by the audience and the media coverage. One would think, without seeing her, that she looked like a Gargoyle. To me she looked like your average middle aged woman. Not extremely attractive but not ugly enough to be so ridiculed and written off.

Africans do appreciate beauty but it is understood as a gift of nature that has severe setbacks especially for the beautiful woman. Once I remember a newspaper made a survey of men about their desire for beautiful women. Overwhelmingly most men agreed that they can't marry and overly attractive woman. There is a belief that they can't be good home makers and they are too involved with their beauty to care for someone else. Beautiful women, most men in my society believe, are for wealthy men to fight over but not for your average guy. However, its agreed that they are good to sleep with.

In otherwards beautiful women are just trophies but since most men in my culture value leaving behind a solid family legacy, a beautiful woman won't do it for them.
In fact there tends to be a sadism towards beautiful women among men in my culture. You will always know which men the beautiful woman has slept with. I have a few extremely beautiful girlfriends whose love lives are truly sad and sometimes tragic. The idea of beauty is therefore seen differently from that of the West.
(I am talking from experience and not as an an expert on the subject that needs some serious study).

Anyway I hope those little girls laughing at Susan Boyle will get to her age and look horrifying.