Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is Mandela Senile?

I have long concluded that South Africa is God's case. And to confirm that sentiment one just has to look at the next President Jacon Zuma and the overwhelming support he is getting to be President.
This guy is controversy personified. There are very serious corruption allegations against him and by sheer politicking the charges were dropped only a few weeks ago with the questionable explanation of the case being over politicized.

Corruption charges aside, this guy has a questionable character. I can't help but see similarities with Idi Amin. Only that we have been there so we may never see how far his personality may take him if he were left unchecked like Idi Amin was.

His personal anthem involves lyrics in ode to his machine gun. He is tied to some extremist youth groups who sing his praises and vow to die and kill for him. (God help those African foreigners in South Africa). He has publicly distanced himself from these groups but Zuma is not unlike other crazy African politicians, in fact I would bet that he is one of the crazier ones.

The one that takes the cake is the rape allegations against him. The story goes that he had sex with an HIV positive woman who later claimed he had raped her. In his own defense, he didn't rape her and according to him, women ask for it when they wear revealing clothes. And that is not the worst part, he was not concerned about having contracted HIV because he immediately showered after having sex with her. FOR REAL! Now even Idi Amin didn't go that far.
Oh and I almost forgot Mr. Zuma's multiple wives. Some of whom maybe forgotten to him. Another striking resemblance with Idi Amin. His daughter speaks of him as a wonderful father who is in touch with his children and has a personal and close relationship with each one. Another striking resemblance with Idi Amin. Amin's over 40 children remember him very fondly and do defend his name. To his death Amin was still supporting most of them (the ones he knew of atleast).

As if it isn't bad enough that the South African people are voting for this idiot to be their President, Nelson Mandela finally came out and backed the guy. Looks like that little halo over his head has gone out or he is senile.

I for one never got fully sold onto Mandela's heroism. For sure he fought for South African freedom, but his heroism has been blown out of proportion and eclipsed other equal apartheid heroes. This sentiment is very common in Africa. He is not as revered as he is in the West. He is the symbol of the struggle but by no means a living Saint the West makes him out to be.
For supporting this fool, Mandela has truly brought himself back to earth if not below it.