Monday, April 27, 2009

Chinese Slavery in West Africa?

What is with West African and the slavery business? Seriously. This pimp just got caught running a brothel using Chinese girls. His business specifically targets the expat community. So if you can't go to Asia we will bring the women to you? WOW
Luckily there are good people out there like investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw who blew the whistle on the guy.

Credit: Anas Aremeyaw Anas
Source: New Crusading Guide

The boss of Peach Blossom Palace is spotted In Ghana’s most expensive casino,
wearing Gucci shades, a golden brown Emperio Amani tuxedo and a custom-made Rolex wrist watch.

Scores of raunchy mini-skirted Chinese girls fill up his glass with exotic French champagne. He spins his cozy swivel chair in sensuous delirium as the ladies’ dainty fingers caress his neck, back and shoulders to orthopedic effect. “Ha,ha ha” he lets out another loud peal of frenzied laughter.

There is no doubt that this impressive figure is a successful man. His appearance likewise leaves little doubt that his prosperity comes from brisk business.

What is not immediately evident is the fact that he rakes in millions that flow not from his own pores, but from the bloody chores of hapless, naive lasses he has made whores on the shores of West Africa.

He presides over an evil empire, which traffics his Chinese compatriots, engaging them in sex slavery, not only here in Ghana, but also in Nigeria and Togo.

The non-African expatriate community is the clientele. Peach Blossom Palace is the wholesale outlet from where the “goods” are marketed and sold. Poor, innocent and vulnerable Chinese girls, some as young as 19, are the human commodity on sale paraded in front of the clients like pieces of meat in a butcher shop window. They are lured here with promises of honest, well-paid jobs, only to have their passports and return tickets confiscated.

The travel documents may be recovered, but only after one had paid off the cost - invariably inflated of the trip to Accra. They are beaten and threatened with a high debt to be repaid only through the sale of their bodies.

They are thrown into debt bondage and forced to sell their innocence and human dignity for their master’s gain in nightclubs and casinos. “I was told that I was going to be waitressing in a Chinese restaurant, but it however turned into nightmare.

There was no way of turning back and I resorted to this dehumanizing business” said one of the girls. Any of this trafficker’s victims, who attempt anything akin to disobedience, not to talk of rebellion, is firmly, swiftly and brutally repressed.

Six months of backbreaking investigation yielded the above discovery on the nefarious activities of King James, the man at the centre of the sex trafficking ring.

Posing as a bartender in the hotels where this sordid business is carried out, “The New Crusading Guide” reporter managed to capture every aspect of this trade with a hidden camera. He also pretended to befriend a lady who lived in the brothel and from whom, over a period of four months, he obtained valuable, first-hand accounts of the activities of King James and his colleagues. All of the above described is captured on video. It was upon the presentation of this evidence that the Police CID planned and carried out a raid on the Peach Blossom Palace in Labadi, Accra.

The United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime, Supplemental Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (2000) serves as the international legal standard. It outlines the definition of human trafficking in Article 3 (a): “Trafficking in persons” shall mean the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.”

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, with total annual revenue for trafficking in persons estimated to be between $5 billion and $9 billion. The Council of Europe states that “people trafficking has reached epidemic proportions over the past decade, with a global annual market of about $42.5 billion.”

Enslavement Prevention Alliance - West Africa, an NGO that has provided the victims with postrescue care, stated that: “The ruthless criminals behind the sexual exploitation of these vulnerable women should feel the full hand of the Ghanaian law. This would not only serve to provide the victims with justice, it would also serve as a deterrent to all those who wish to perpetrate similar crimes in Ghana. Swift prosecution of this case will send a clear message that the business of sexual slavery is not welcome here.”

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saved from being a Black Man, James Manning

Its amazing how some critical messages come from the least likely sources.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is Mandela Senile?

I have long concluded that South Africa is God's case. And to confirm that sentiment one just has to look at the next President Jacon Zuma and the overwhelming support he is getting to be President.
This guy is controversy personified. There are very serious corruption allegations against him and by sheer politicking the charges were dropped only a few weeks ago with the questionable explanation of the case being over politicized.

Corruption charges aside, this guy has a questionable character. I can't help but see similarities with Idi Amin. Only that we have been there so we may never see how far his personality may take him if he were left unchecked like Idi Amin was.

His personal anthem involves lyrics in ode to his machine gun. He is tied to some extremist youth groups who sing his praises and vow to die and kill for him. (God help those African foreigners in South Africa). He has publicly distanced himself from these groups but Zuma is not unlike other crazy African politicians, in fact I would bet that he is one of the crazier ones.

The one that takes the cake is the rape allegations against him. The story goes that he had sex with an HIV positive woman who later claimed he had raped her. In his own defense, he didn't rape her and according to him, women ask for it when they wear revealing clothes. And that is not the worst part, he was not concerned about having contracted HIV because he immediately showered after having sex with her. FOR REAL! Now even Idi Amin didn't go that far.
Oh and I almost forgot Mr. Zuma's multiple wives. Some of whom maybe forgotten to him. Another striking resemblance with Idi Amin. His daughter speaks of him as a wonderful father who is in touch with his children and has a personal and close relationship with each one. Another striking resemblance with Idi Amin. Amin's over 40 children remember him very fondly and do defend his name. To his death Amin was still supporting most of them (the ones he knew of atleast).

As if it isn't bad enough that the South African people are voting for this idiot to be their President, Nelson Mandela finally came out and backed the guy. Looks like that little halo over his head has gone out or he is senile.

I for one never got fully sold onto Mandela's heroism. For sure he fought for South African freedom, but his heroism has been blown out of proportion and eclipsed other equal apartheid heroes. This sentiment is very common in Africa. He is not as revered as he is in the West. He is the symbol of the struggle but by no means a living Saint the West makes him out to be.
For supporting this fool, Mandela has truly brought himself back to earth if not below it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle and what bugs me in Western Society

Everyone has heard of Susan Boyle. If you haven't a clip follows about her stunning performance on Britain's got Talent despite her 'disadvantage' in the looks department.

Emphasis on physical beauty is my biggest pet peeve about Western society. I have often been labelled online as ugly for my stand against Western draconian and oppressive beauty standards. I will now call the Western Beauty industry, the Fascist industry. There are too many similarities in its operational methods with the Nazi. Only certain looks are accepted while others are pushed to extinction. Those that are favored are then under a strict code to fit the ideal that is unrealistic. And let us not get the lab experiments, chemicalization and physical alterations that go with all that.

Back to Susan Boyle. When I first saw her, I didn't think she was unattractive. I saw a woman that simply wanted to sing and could be gifted. I was horrified by the initial reactions by the audience and the media coverage. One would think, without seeing her, that she looked like a Gargoyle. To me she looked like your average middle aged woman. Not extremely attractive but not ugly enough to be so ridiculed and written off.

Africans do appreciate beauty but it is understood as a gift of nature that has severe setbacks especially for the beautiful woman. Once I remember a newspaper made a survey of men about their desire for beautiful women. Overwhelmingly most men agreed that they can't marry and overly attractive woman. There is a belief that they can't be good home makers and they are too involved with their beauty to care for someone else. Beautiful women, most men in my society believe, are for wealthy men to fight over but not for your average guy. However, its agreed that they are good to sleep with.

In otherwards beautiful women are just trophies but since most men in my culture value leaving behind a solid family legacy, a beautiful woman won't do it for them.
In fact there tends to be a sadism towards beautiful women among men in my culture. You will always know which men the beautiful woman has slept with. I have a few extremely beautiful girlfriends whose love lives are truly sad and sometimes tragic. The idea of beauty is therefore seen differently from that of the West.
(I am talking from experience and not as an an expert on the subject that needs some serious study).

Anyway I hope those little girls laughing at Susan Boyle will get to her age and look horrifying.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is this Britain's Steppin Fetchin?

I love British Comedy. That is my entertainment. I believe the British are the best in Non fiction programming and Comedy while the Americans are strong in Fiction. Its painful to watch British Dramas unless of course they are period pieces. So, I catch up with this stuff, thanks to the Internet. Blacks of West Indian origin have made great inroads into the British Media while the Africans have barely got in.

Now there is one promising one, who according to the British may be entertaining but to Americans may be highly offensive. The first Black woman in the Western Hemisphere to have her own comedy sketch show, Nigerian born, Jocelyn Jee Esien. Some of her pieces make me wonder if she isn't the modern day female version of Steppin Fetchin.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is this racism against whites from Brazil's President ?

Brazil's President Lula sparked controversy prior to the G20 Summit by calling the credit crunch the fault of white blond blue eyed people. What is surprising to me is that the story hasn't gotten so much attention. His sentiments are disturbing on so many levels. Firstly he singled out a race to blame. Then secondly, Brazil is hardly the beacon of racial harmony. Thirdly he reduced the crash of a system built by whites then taken on by everyone else to the race of those that invented it.

Why am I disturbed by this guy's comments? Being black aren't I supposed to be cheering him on being that I am under discriminatory pressure from the same system built by the same whites ? His comments are very disturbing and I am not exactly sure why. But it sort of sounds like a call to arms of the non white world to fight the blond blue eyed "evil ones? Let's say this so called world of color takes over economic power, what is the place for blacks? If Brazil is to go by, a black person is much better of sitting on their hands.

Here is a report from UK's Mirror.

Gordon Brown was forced to listen as Brazil's President Lula declared the credit crunch was the fault of white, blue-eyed people yesterday.

The rant at a press conference risked upstaging the PM's diplomatic moves before the G20 summit next month.

Mr Brown aims to smooth the way for an agreement on tackling the global downturn.

But populist Lula, who like his countryman Pele is known by a single name, warned talks at the gathering would be "spicy".

And he took the opportunity to lay into rich nations.

The president, white and bearded, said: "I am not acquainted with any black bankers. This is a crisis that was caused by people, white with blue eyes. Before the crisis they looked like they knew everything about economics.

"Now they have demonstrated they don't know anything about economics."

Lula said people who caused the slump - financiers who saw themselves as "gods of wisdom" - were not the ones paying the price.

He continued: "The part of humanity that is responsible should pay for the crisis." Mr Brown looked ill at ease as the president went on. Cabinet minister Douglas Alexander, who was in the audience, rolled his eyes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UPDATE; Shopping while black

WOW! Some encouraging news. A while back I posted my bad 'shopping while black' experience at Staples.
I sent them the following letter and they replied!

Customer Service.

On February 28th 2009, I went to the Staples on Santa Monica and Vermont in L.A. I got chased down the Isle because I had a backpack on. My intent was to purchase the TI-89 Calculator ($160)and leave.
While taking my backpack to the counter, I noticed 2 other customers walking around comfortably with theirs. I asked the store clerks about the need for me to put my bag at the counter while others were moving around with theirs. Their response was that they tell those who they happen to see to leave their back packs behind. This in light of the fact that one of the other back pack customers was right at the counter seeking help. He happened to be Latino (and so was the other lady). I happen to be black. Out of the three of us they saw me!

To me, this was a clear case of racial profiling and I mentioned this to them which they obviously denied.
I was very disappointed with this treatment. I am sure this is not company policy but you guys could go to great lengths to train your employees to stop harassing and profiling black shoppers.
I can honestly tell you that many of us are wary of going into stores like yours because of the treatment we anticipate to get. We share our stories and word gets around real fast. I think it should be in the interest of your business that this behavior is checked.

Their response.


Thank you for contacting Staples regarding the lack of quality service you received in our store.

I have contacted the store's senior management regarding your concerns of overall poor customer
service. Rest assured, senior management will speak with the associates involved to ensure the
service our customers receive is great from start to finish.

We always enjoy hearing from our customers, especially when they offer us the opportunity to correct
a situation and regain customer satisfaction. We hope that you will remain a valued Staples