Sunday, March 15, 2009

Black male doing something for Black women?

Steve Harvey's book 'Act like a lady, Think like a man' is a number one best seller. I guess one has to see the upside of a black male writing a relationship guide for women.
However, yes however, I found the source of his inspiration to write the book a little off. He says he was inspired by his daughter's boy friend saying of their relationship that they were "just kicking it". What I found disturbing was that it took Steve's father in law to ask the grand daughter's boy friend the tough questions. It wasn't Steve Harvey! To me that is acting ball-less! From my basic understanding of white American culture, the standard is, Fathers are extremely protective of their daughters. They won't have some boy friend at such a young age just hanging around with out seriously checking out their character. In my own culture, you don't take a boy friend home unless he is the one. Parents only want to see the man you are going to marry. No try outs. And even then, you don't introduce him yourself, its the job of your paternal aunt. Not that I am using these to cultures as standards, but to me it seems like a natural instinct that if your daughter brings a man home, as a father you want to seriously investigate him. For Steve Harvey, it was the Father in Law! In otherwords, the Father in Law was looking out for his own daughter's interests. Is this a generational thing? Are the black men of the older generation more manly than the current ones? And as time goes on they will eventually truly become useless? I mean look at the men surrounding Rihanna, how more useless can they get?