Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In a Global financial Meltdown, Bank of England is regulating women's dress code

Bank of England ( Yes they still exist) amidst the global financial crisis is currently concerned about the way female employees present themselves. Among their many concerns, is women's over stuffed bags. Here is a break down.

Bryony Gordon

Goodness knows how female employees at the Bank of England have dealt with today's weather.

While ladies at the Telegraph sit at their desks in dresses, wellington boots and ear muffs, those at the BofE have been told in a memo that they must always wear heels (though no higher than two inches), and that they must arrive at work with some sort of make-up on (even if it's just lipstick).

Other sartorial rules: shoes and skirts must be the same colour (though white heels are BANNED, BANNED, BANNED), ankle chains are out (who over the age of 15 wears ankle chains anyway?) and overstuffed handbags are a no-no (because there is nothing more offensive than the sight of an overstuffed handbag, is there?).

Ladies should also be careful with perfume. Meanwhile, men who wear too much aftershave seem to have escaped such judgement.

Anyway, my favourite moment of the memo is the bit that says that certain accessories would make women look "professional, but not the one you want to be associated with".

Well I don't think you need me to spell out what they might be trying to say there.

Anyway, apparently the year is 2009. Perhaps they should simply stick all of their female employees in burkhas, and be done with it.