Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Selfish Gene's Richard Dawkins oblivious of Human Breeding

Scientists increase our levels of doubt when they display ignorance of certain basics. Worse is the fact that their ignorance is in areas they purport to be experts. One often wonders if its worth the effort to consider the Theory of Evolution.
The culprit scientist of today is Richard Dawkins, a biologist and popular science writer of the famous, The Selfish Gene. Here in a BBC documentary he is talking about his book. An audience member asks him the question about the merits of genetics engineering and why we don't leave it to the selfish genes to sort themselves out rather than the selfish scientists. The good biologist defended the scientists by saying that Humans have been genetic Engineering animals like horses, dogs, cows etc but never humans! And that to him that seems in order.
Ok, the idea of genetic engineering is a little out there for me, my beef with this guy is his either, sincere lack of knowledge or selective memory regarding human breeding for the purposes of improving the offspring of black slaves. Another alternative could be that this guy doesn't consider the breeding of blacks as breeding of human beings. Who knows. And this guy is supposedly an expert on matters of biology and a raving atheist. Not that I am against atheists but for one to go out of his way without proof to write authoritatively about the non existence of God, its no surprising that their take on history would be a little skewed.

Here is the documentary.