Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crimes of Passion gone global

Seriously, you can't look at the news anywhere these days without a story of a jilted man murdering a woman plus some because of a relationship gone bad. In the last weeks of 2008, in Uganda there were 7 successive spousal murders. All victims were women and the culprits men. Here in California we had Santa Claus gone bad on Christmas eve leaving behind 8 dead.

And now we have another story of a security guard at a local bank who had a beef with his ex working as a cleaner at the bank. Seriously, what is going on with men all over the world? Is it global warming?
Well at least this particular culprit did everyone a favor and took himself out and explained his actions in a note relieving those that had been arrested for attempted robbery.

Shooting at Standard Chartered Bank linked to failed love affair
Ephraim Kasozi & Alfred Nyongesa Wandera Kampala

Five guards belonging to a private firm, Security Group, who were arrested during the shooting at Standard Chartered Bank branch at Garden City Mall in Kampala on Monday, were released yesterday.

Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said the quintet, who had been guarding a bullion van that had brought money to the branch, was released after the police found that they had no connection to the incident in which two people died. “We (police) thought they had a connection because they were leaving the premises at the time of shooting but after our investigations and viewing the CCTV cameras from the bank, we released them,” said Ms Nabakooba.

She did not identify the five who were arrested by security operatives comprising of Police Rapid Response Unit and Anti-Terrorism Unit. The police described the Monday morning shooting that paralysed business at Garden City premises as a crime of passion to clear earlier allegations of attempted robbery.

Tobby Omara, a guard at Standard Chartered Bank’s branch shot and killed Juliet Birungi, a cleaner in the same bank before shooting himself dead. Ms Nabakooba said the police recovered a suicide note from Omara’s body expressing anger against Birungi.

According to Ms Nabakooba, Omara’s letter to “viewers and mourners” was written to express his dissatisfaction with the way Birungi had treated him in their love affair. “This lady has been a liar. Let my body rot on the street but I was seeking for straight forwardness,” the note, a copy of which Daily Monitor obtained, states.

Ms Nabakooba said the letter, together with another note recovered from Birungi’s body, will be taken to a handwriting expert to confirm that it belonged to Mr Omara. According to the note, Omara accused Birungi of aborting twice and deceiving him that she did not have a husband yet her husband was in prison.
The police publicist said Ms Birungi’s letter informed Mr Omara that she was ditching him.