Monday, December 29, 2008

Asians Returning to Uganda

Uganda is my adoptive country and I call it home since I grew up mostly there and managed to stay alive.

We had that little stint with Idi Amin that has been grossly exaggerated by the Western Media. 300,000 people were never killed (that figure came out of some one's beind. Even the UN has no exact data) by Idi Amin's regime and all those stories of cannibalism are just fantasies of the Western Media.
Anyway, Idi Amin's notoriety has stayed partly alive because he expelled the Asians.
What the Western Media failed to Note is that as Brutal as Idi Amin was said to be, no single Indian was killed during that expulsion. And also what they refuse to highlight was the brutal system that was being established. That of Asians as the middle and Upper Class and Africans as the servant class. To Ugandans Idi Amin is a hero for having halted that process. he is often placed next to Hitler. I believe Hitler killed Millions of Jews while to my knowledge, I am not aware of a single Indian that was killed during his economic war.
Today the Government of Museveni is encouraging those Asians that left to return and they have. Some have learnt from the lessons of the past. Those that went to Europe an Canada seem to be more open minded and don't take the Africans for granted, while those directly from India are coming in with their Caste mentality and treating Africans the way the Asians of the 1970s did. They didn't go through the experience and so seem not to be aware of African anger. I sense a future conflict if the Asian community does not come together to address the issues.

Anyway this came from some You tube videos I have come across made by Indians encouraging others around the world to go to Uganda which is their Land of Opportunity. These videos run with the rather annoying theme of woo is us Indians. Only the Fronline Documentary which was made by an Indian takes a critical look at how Indians behaved towards the Africans

Here they are.

Here is a Front Line documentary of a return of Asians