Saturday, November 1, 2008

SALUTE, the unsung white hero of the 1968 Olympics Civil Rights protest

One of the most powerful images of the twentieth century coming third after JFK's Assasination and and Man's landing on the moon is this 1968 photo at the olympics. Little has been said about the white guy in the photo and his own role. Well now there is a documentary made by his nephew Matt Norman about his contribution to the Civil rights movement and the heavy price he paid for his actions among which was the death of his athletic career. Of late I have heard disgruntled voices over the lack of recognition of non black people that contributed to the Civil Rights movement. From my understanding this movie does tackle that theme too.
This is a thorny issue that sooner or later will have to be faced head on. How much was done by who and how effective were they is such a grey area in the tumultuous race relations in this country.

Here is the movie trailer.