Sunday, October 5, 2008

The things white people say......

Recently an Italian American instructor of mine talked to us about the back room talk in White circles during this election. As you can imagine this is some pretty racist stuff.
So this was insider information on what white people say when they know no one is around to hold them to it. In his own defense, he said he was no different from an outsider since Italians had to hassle to be accepted into whiteness. I have met a few white people of this nature, they tend to be Jews or Italians and they, maybe for acceptance purposes, blow the whistle on the racism of other white folk. I find their motives questionable but that is another matter.
Having witnessed this sort of backroom talk by white people myself up close and personal, I wasn't surprised at what he had to say.
But what I have found intriguing of late is that if you were to call these people up on their racism, they will die denying it. I wonder why that is. Anyway, I now have a little hobby of getting evidence of raw racist moments when they occur and would like to see if someone can wiggle themselves out of it. It should be fascinating.
I came across a clip from The daily show in which the reporter Wyatt is covering a Jewish Senior citizen's group. The general attitude of the senior citizens towards the Obama- MCCain Debate is questionable but its one lady's description of Michelle that makes this a racist golden moment. At around 3.40 you will hear some rather offensive remarks directed at Michelle. I bet you that old lady doesn't consider herself racist.