Monday, September 1, 2008

Well Well.....

And now the news comes out the Sara Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. They were forced to come out with it after internet rumors that her 4 month old baby is actualy her daughter's. This in conservative circles is a huge scandal and everyone is trying to save face. How do I know? I have had first hand experience of having an older sibling get pregnant at age 15.
If you think Conservatives in America over react to this stuff, consider this; In my culture less than a century ago a pregnant teenage girl was killed by throwing her down a water fall. It is a disgrace and brings dishonor and shame to the family. There is nothing that screams poor parenting than a pregant teenage child. For my sister, my father disowned her. Parents from my culture still do this.

And back to Palin. Considering the impact and embarrassment from this, shouldn't she be concentrating on her family and the issues arising out of this other than running for one of the highest offices in the land? In my family's situation, almost everything fell apart. Life is not the same after such and event which surprises me that Palin will put her career before her family. Some may argue that she is putting America first, but is she?

Granted, teenagers are rebellious but going by conservative standards, we can safely say that a pregnant teenager does indeed say something about the parenting they received, lack of sex education maybe? What made her go out there and be so reckless knowing the dangers out there? Is she aware of the other dangers of unprotected sex other than pregnancy ? Or was she just relying on her God?

Something doesn't look good about this whole saga and its not simply the embarrassment of a teenage prenancy but of the mother that has let the scandal onto the national stage and putting her daughter up for such painful scrutiny instead of helping hold her hand while she goes through probably the most traumatic event of her life. As a woman and mother, Palin doesn't look good.