Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oprah; The Billion Dollar Mammy

I have wanted to say this for a long time but since I tend to get alot of flak for what I write, I wanted to leave this sacred cow alone however latest developments have changed that.

Oprah is caught up in a controversy over not accepting to interview Governor Palin on her show. Her argument is that though she supports Obama, she never intended to use her show to interview candidates or promote them. Granted she interviewed Obama afew times but this was before he became a candidate.

This would not have been much news to me if her ratings were stable but alas her ratings have fallen 7% since she endorsed Obama. Those on the right argue that by interviewing Palin she will reclaim her lost conservative viewers. Really? Okay let us get this straight, Oprah was fine to these women until she decided to show a preferance for a Presidential candidate that was not favorible to these white women viewers.

Which brings me to what I had long suspected. What exactly has been Oprah's appeal to these Surbuban and small town white women? Is there any profound Wisdom that Oprah puts out that cannot be found anywhere? Personally my favorite people of Wisdom are actually White males like Scott Peck and Wayne Dyer. I am not sure of their political affiliations but that is besides my preferance for their work.

I was therefore always suspiscious of Oprah's audience, I always felt that she played into some sick role of a mammmy in these women's minds. I have lived in the states long enough to experience the nurturing role projected on Black women by White women in this society. Its for that reason that I am very wary of friendships with White American women, there are many Scarlet O'haras out there. And like many of my biases I bet in the next few days I will meet a decent white woman that does not have that sick need, (a way of my higher power to knock the wind of prejudice out of me).

Anyway back to Oprah, its not hard to psychoanalyze this audience she lost. She was as good as long as she stuck to the role they prescribed to her in their mind which is a mammy to serve their psychological needs and make them feel comfortable in their plantation Master's daughter's precious minds. It was arrogant, uppity and downright disgraceful of her to assume that she could elevate herself to their level. She seems to have forgotten who she is and her place.

If I were Oprah right now I would be considering pulling a Dave Chappell, she has a home in South Africa right?

Oprah, I would call it a wrap at this point, unfortunately I can not congratulate you for a job well done. How do you congratulate a mammy? For surviving? Alright then, good job surviving.