Monday, August 11, 2008

Who knew blacks could swim?

Its only when I came to America that I heard that blacks could not swim from my Southern White friends. Their reasoning was that Black people have too much lean mass and are incapable of floating.
Having swam since I was one in the Indian Ocean, this thinking puzzled me but apparently many people believe it out here. This is a perfect example on how ignorance works. The racist perpetuates a myth and the target victim ends up believing it which explains why a good portion of blacks in this country can't swim.
In African villages you will find almost all kids swim in the lakes and rivers and that is why the most deaths by wild animals are caused by crocodiles. So wherever this myth came from, it should take a back seat as more black kids like Cullen Jones get into swimming and prove that they can bring home Olympic gold despite the color of their skin.

And here is Cullen Jones in a Johnson commercial