Thursday, July 3, 2008

YAY! Its an all Williams Wimbledon Final and naturally with some controversy

Yes, Another all Williams final. Serena managed to break through Jie Zheng's super confidence. That is a mark of maturity on Serena's part. I believe Tennis is 50% mental than the actual physical game. If your opponent manages to crack your esteem, its over. The sisters are lucky to have strong serves. Their main weaknesses come out when they rally. The other players are very aware of this and try to push them to rally. Zheng's rallies were exceptional that she almost took the second set from Serena but that serve put her out.

Speaking of Tennis being a mental game, Court No 2 in Wimbledom is known as the grave yard court for seeds and no top seeded player wants to play on it. But the organizers thought it appropriate to put both the Williams sisters to play on the jinxed court earlier in the tournament on the SAME DAY!. Hmmm.

With an all WIlliams final, expect the haters to froth and seethe. Unfortunately Venus' defeated opponent Dementieva had this so say about about an all Williams final, “For sure it’s going to be a family decision.” Venus took this as an offence and had this to say,“Any mention of that is extremely disrespectful for who I am, what I stand for, and my family.” Good for you Venus. Amazingly this is not the first time Dementieva has made such a comment, she said this in a previous all Wiiliams final,“I don’t know what Richard thinks about it. I think he will decide who’s going to win.”

A note to Dementieva, unless you are named after some common mental disorder, just expend your bitching energy in the gym and some postive thinking exercises, then attempt to take out one of the Williams and don't bitch about it if it doesn't go your way. Alternatively, take a hint from Kournikova, exploit your assets. After the controversial statement, Dementieva ( Dementia?) put out a clarifying statement by saying that English is not her first language. What! Deme..whatever, If this was your first time, we would understand. By the way you may want to take a close look at the career of Martina Hingis, then it won't be such a bad idea learning abit from Kournikova.