Thursday, July 3, 2008

Watch out Serena

Jie Zheng of China

The Williams sisters have made it to the Semi finals at Wimbledon and an all Williams final looks possible except for a little problem in the form of Jie Zheng from China. She has played too well sending the No 1 seed Ana Ivanovic home before bed time. And now she meets up with Serena for the Semi Finals. For all her strength and talent, Serena still seems to lack the mental strength that Venus has. Zheng on the other hand oozes with confidence and determination. And I can see her easily taking Serena out and meeting with Venus in the final.

Serena, the village is praying for you.

On a side note; I have seen somethng strange among this years competitors. Signs of excess fat esp around the middle aka spare tyres. One would imagine that being a tennis pro, it would be impossible for one to be carrying any excess fat.