Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama's wailing wall prayer published

It can't get lower than this and thankfully this was not done in America. Obama's prayer at the Wailing wall in Jerusalem was nicked by an Israeli Seminarian who then took it around to different News Papers. All rejected it except for one that published it. I am at a loss of words on this one. There are certain lines regardless of political fights that should never be crossed.
My reaction would be the same if this was done to McCain who I actually do like as a human being. Though politics tend to bring the worst out of people, once you look beneth the superficial and still can see the person, then that is person worth of your respect. I feel that way for McCain so if his private prayer was published I would be bothered by it and would wish bad luck to the person that did it. So this has nothing to do with who one supports or not, taking someone's prayer and using it as political capital is the worst political tactic right below assasination.
I wonder if this says anything about Israel or the people's attitude towards Obama.