Sunday, July 13, 2008

Miss Denmark - Universe, Black?

Maria Sten-Knudsen, Miss Denmark 2008

Okay, I never even follow those lousy beauty pageants but out of curiosity decided to look through for some representation. I did find Miss USA and a few African sisters plus two from countries I had never heard of. Then I saw Miss Denmark and went WTH? Miss Denmark 08 is clearly part black. One would naturally expect a blond blue eyed female from the Scandinavian country but NOPE. Unfortunately there is not much info out there about her but this one is a head scratcher. Are Europeans especially Scandinavians more progressive than we give them credit?
IMO, she has one of the best bodies in the competition.

Maria Sten-Knudsen, Miss Denmark 2008 poses for a photo in her swimwear. She competed for the title of Miss Universe 2008 during the 57th Annual Miss Universe competition from Nha Trang, Vietnam.

And you got to love You Tube

And now contast with Miss. South Africa

The Gods have surely gone crazy