Monday, July 7, 2008

Malcom X Interview. WOW!

This is the first Malcom X interview I have watched and I am quite impressed with his civility and assertiveness. (I am yet to watch the movie because I always had the impression that he was a fanatic) Its hard to believe that this was over 40 years ago.
When you hear about Mx before coming to America, you are given the impression that he was this fanatical Black Power extremist. Well I have a long way to really understand the man but judging from this interview, he is a defender of black humanity. And when that is done, in which ever form, many a white or non black person assumes their own humanity is at risk and so there is a tendency to exaggerate the character of one that dares to stand up and speak up against black oppression. I sort of expected some raging angry black man, a vocal Tyson of some sort and was pleasantly surprised. Now I need to see the difference between the Malcom X before the Mecca trip and the one after Mecca.