Saturday, July 5, 2008

Its 5 for Venus and why I hate L A

I woke up this morning and the match was over. That is one little part of being on the West Coast that I hate. The rest of the world has literally moved on while we are just waking up. Anyway I missed the match and now have to rely on left over news. Same thing applies to New years day, there is no exitement what so ever when the ball droppen in New York hours earlier. Its really messed up.

Anyway if you missed the match like me. Here is my version of it. The biggest news for me was that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was at the match. That says something. I don't remember ever seeing her at Wimbledon. Bringing the old Iron (though now frail) lady out to watch you play is quite an achievenment in my book. And they both won the doubles finals too. Thanks girls.

Ahhhhhhh! Sweet success

As for the Men's final Federer vs Nadal. Well I don't know. Nadal is looking exceptional while Federer is trying to break a record. Its truly going to be a battle. According to Safin you have to run around like a rabbit playing Nadal. Its a tough one, who ever wins will deserve it.