Friday, July 11, 2008

If you don’t respect your manhood, no one will

Okay this will be abit strange but bear with me. I am posting a column by one of my favorite columnists. He calls him self Dr. Love and writes for one of our local dailies. He specializes in intimate issues and naturally writes from an African man's perspective. In this particular piece he is commenting about a recent story that has men petrified and feminists celebrating. Anyway, the story is that a 43 yr old man was trying to rape a 10 yr old girl. The mother of the child was tending to her garden and heard her child's distressed screams. To the rescue she ran with a knife she had been using to cut up stuff and caught the man red handed. Instantly she grabbed the man's penis and CUT IT OFF and threw it away. The search for the penis is another long story involving a dog but anyway, he can never regain his manhood. So here my favorite columnist writes about the moral of that story.

Dr. Love, Hillary Bainemigisha

Once upon a time, there was this lone female voice in the wilderness which opined that rapists and defilers should be divested of their physical manhood. A few men barked back, but the threat of castrating rapists had gone on record.

Then last month in Kashari, one Angelina Kyomugisha, 40, tried it out and scooped off everything. She had left her kids asleep early morning to tend to her banana plantation. The day was going on fine till she got distracted by screams. She went to investigate and found a 43-year-old village-mate, Geoffrey Mugarura atop her daughter of 10 in a manner that suggested he was not teaching her the ABC of the HIV prevention strategy.

She was thunderstruck. That gave her the strength of the Biblical Samson that enabled her to disarm Mugarura of his manhood with a kitchen knife. I must say I admire Kyomu because had it been me, I would have buried that knife in his heart. But she carefully chose a punishment the alleged rapist will live on to suffer. Bravo woman, you must be Omushambo by clan!(Clan known for being fierce)

Every parent would imagine the worst punishment possible after stumbling on a senior citizen attempting to rape their toddlers. Kyomu was spot on. Nothing will ever be worse than Muga’s experience. If few can stand when tubal ligation is mentioned at family planning clinics, how can they stand the total castration? For many, death is even a better alternative.

Police may have arrested her for taking the law in her hands. And even if she lost the case – considering that the police report says there was no penetration, Muga will never be the same again. His family is now demanding sh8m in damages!(about UD$6000) (I wonder whether I can ever ‘sell’ mine that cheap! Not even at the age 100!) Activists may even contribute the money, but Muga will never get anything to scare children with.

Although they never want to accept, men are ruled by their penises. It is nature’s way of making men work for better survival of the human race in an arena of competing inhabitants.

I am sure when Mujorooto, 61, was being forcefully circumcised by custom-fanatic tribes mates recently, he had to stop wriggling and lie still at zero hours. Fidgeting would have been risky for him even with expert Bagisu circumcisers. That way, he lost the sheath he had protected all along but saved his manhood.

But you wonder how men fail to respect their king. Some expose it to all manners of risk, different dangerous caves, sewage spots, narrow avenues and God knows what. No, please, NO!

Whatever you are, as a man (wealthy, educated, respected, valued, etc) boils down to the gonads, which reside in the testicles, the high office of the penis (which Muga does not have now).

Why can’t you have the courtesy to respect your source of progressive fuel? And what right do you have to remain with the resource? I think penises should be left to those who know their use and value.

Anyway, if you don’t want to see my point, and prefer to keep sending your kings to undeveloped places, get set for the consequences. Victims are learning. One knife later, you will be dehorned and condemned to ridicule forever. Unfortunately at this point, I am starting to wonder why I am writing all this. Maybe I should just shut up.