Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally I watched Mandingo

I always heard about the movie but never had the interest in watching it because I had the idea that is was based on the sexualization of the black male and wanted nothing to do with it.
The movie turned out a lot worse than I imagined. The black man was basically an animal with the status of a mule and the Black woman a sexual beast. So much for entertainment. Of course looking at the movie one wonders how far, really, America has come. I lived in a white neighborhood in the South, and their attitudes at the rawest were not that different from the movie. To them those were the good old days.

Looking at such movies, I really wonder if racial reconciliation is possible. On the one hand you have White Americans that are descendants of the oppressors and continue to gain from an oppressive system towards blacks and are still held accountable. On the other hand you have the descendants of the oppressed who still live in a system that it still oppressive and still need to come to terms with what happened.

If one was to advise the two sides on how to reconcile, it would be VERY tricky if not impossible.

There is little to tell the whites except to try and work against that which still oppresses the Black American and confront racism.
Unfortunately for the Black American, the hardest work needs to be done by them. There is the issue of grieving the past and coming to terms with the present. Then there is the issue of forgiveness. Reconciliation is not possible without forgiveness. Meaning Black America needs to forgive White America (I told you this was going to be tough).
Then to top that up, Black America needs to deal with its own bigotry just like White America needs to deal with its own racism. And we shouldn't forget, those little annoying problems we keep hearing about in the Black Community, those need to be handled too by Black people themselves.

So it looks like the work towards better race relations is, like all things racial, unequal with Blacks having the bigger task.