Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Finally the UN ssems to have woken up to declare Sudan's dictator Omar Al-Bashir a war criminal. Hundreds of thousands dead and God knows how many more because those on his side have promised to turn Dafur is a grave yard.

The UN, typical of them, have started evacuating their staff from the region. This is exactly what happened before the Rwanda Genocide. The way these criminals work, is that they don't want to be seen by foreigners killing their own, so when people like the UN start pulling out, that is a death sentence to the natives, literally. You would think the UN has learnt something but apparently not. Bashir is not only responsible for one genocide, he aided the rebel insurgency in Northern Uganda that lasted almost 20 years. This guy is up there with Pol Pot and Milosevic. Idi Amin is a amateur to this guy. And he has some nerve, he just approached the President of Uganda, whose country he has been distabilizing, to back him up against the International Court's accusations. Did I mention NERVE? In all this there is China that has been going against the arms embargo on Sudan by providing them with Equipment and training. Their defence? It was on a small negligable scale.

Obviously China has interest in Sudan Oil that the Dafurians are lounging over. The quicker the genocide, the better for them. However there have been many attempts to overthrow the Khartoum Government by various African neighbors, so these charges are an opportunity for them to do the job once and for all. BASHIR MUST GO! Maybe Mugabe can grant him Asylum joining former Ethiopian dictator Haile Mariam Mengistu in the waste basket. As for China, good luck getting that oil once Bashir is gone.