Monday, July 7, 2008

Ah! The Rich and Famous; Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley arrives for the first hearing of her divorce case

By now we have all heard of the Million dollar divorce of former Super Model Christie Brinkley. Divorce has to be one of the roughest emotional experiences an individual can go though in life and in that we have to feel for Christie.

Myself and my siblings grew up too close that our boundaries were almost non existent such that when they married and divorced, it was as if I was the one that was married. I even took on some nasty fights with their various husbands with some involving law enforcement. For that my ex inlaws have much love for me. But to me its always be family first, and I have a killer instinct when it comes to threats towards my flesh and blood. I don't know, I am just wired that way. Though sometimes I feel like strangling them myself, it doesn't mean some one else should attempt to hurt them. My sisters feel the same way towards me so its kind of normal for us.

Anyhow back to Christie, I really feel for her but don't understand why she was fooled a fourth time, this being her fourth divorce. Seriously! And to top it up she chose for the divorce to be officially public. Her arguement is that the details will be known anyway. Miss that doesn't mean that you open the door!.
Her soon to be ex asserts that its her attempt to humiliate him. Which could be true since she was so humiliated by his activities and how she found out, at a high school graduation where the father of his 18 year old mistress confronted her. Ouch! I cannot even imagine her pain, however making this thing public is not going to make her custody battle any stronger. I believe she will get the kids but turning this disaster officially a public spectacle is not wise. You would think that she would have learnt from the last three. But apparently not. And this is working against her in a way because people are questioning her judgement. Married 4 times and then this. Her children, though still young will get to know the sordid details of their father's trysts, courtesy of any newspaper and various media out there. Come on Christie, you didn't think of that?
What is this really about? Should we be looking ahead for some book deal, reality TV show or something?
Is the American public so bored with their lives that they want to be entertained by a nasty divorce? Or is it that pervese pleasure from watching the beautiful and rich people fall ? Either way Christie, that was one lousy move, I do hope you win custody though.