Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally I watched Mandingo

I always heard about the movie but never had the interest in watching it because I had the idea that is was based on the sexualization of the black male and wanted nothing to do with it.
The movie turned out a lot worse than I imagined. The black man was basically an animal with the status of a mule and the Black woman a sexual beast. So much for entertainment. Of course looking at the movie one wonders how far, really, America has come. I lived in a white neighborhood in the South, and their attitudes at the rawest were not that different from the movie. To them those were the good old days.

Looking at such movies, I really wonder if racial reconciliation is possible. On the one hand you have White Americans that are descendants of the oppressors and continue to gain from an oppressive system towards blacks and are still held accountable. On the other hand you have the descendants of the oppressed who still live in a system that it still oppressive and still need to come to terms with what happened.

If one was to advise the two sides on how to reconcile, it would be VERY tricky if not impossible.

There is little to tell the whites except to try and work against that which still oppresses the Black American and confront racism.
Unfortunately for the Black American, the hardest work needs to be done by them. There is the issue of grieving the past and coming to terms with the present. Then there is the issue of forgiveness. Reconciliation is not possible without forgiveness. Meaning Black America needs to forgive White America (I told you this was going to be tough).
Then to top that up, Black America needs to deal with its own bigotry just like White America needs to deal with its own racism. And we shouldn't forget, those little annoying problems we keep hearing about in the Black Community, those need to be handled too by Black people themselves.

So it looks like the work towards better race relations is, like all things racial, unequal with Blacks having the bigger task.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apology for slavery?

Congressman Steve Cohen

Finaly it has happened the House on Tuesday 29th July issued an unprecedented apology to black Americans for the wrongs committed against them and their ancestors who suffered under slavery and Jim Crow segregation laws.

This is the work of the only White Congressman representing a majority black constituency, Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee. I was curious to know what type of white person had the heart and courage to make such a move after so many have lacked not only courage but some basic humane skills to do so. Then I discovered that the congressman is Jewish, and like we all know, the Jews have been partners in Civil Rights struggles so that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Also his constituency is over 60% black.

I can't help but wonder if there is a non Jewish white Congress man with a majority constituency of non blacks that would ever have the ability to do the same.
So this apology being pushed by a person whose heritage had little to do with slavery really still puts the political leadership to shame. I applaud Congressman Cohen's amazing accomplishment. I expected a little more from Washington for such a long overdue gesture. It looks to me like one victim consoling another while the oppressor looks on. Maybe in afew days we will get the real position of Washington but for now it all looks a little bizzare.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama's wailing wall prayer published

It can't get lower than this and thankfully this was not done in America. Obama's prayer at the Wailing wall in Jerusalem was nicked by an Israeli Seminarian who then took it around to different News Papers. All rejected it except for one that published it. I am at a loss of words on this one. There are certain lines regardless of political fights that should never be crossed.
My reaction would be the same if this was done to McCain who I actually do like as a human being. Though politics tend to bring the worst out of people, once you look beneth the superficial and still can see the person, then that is person worth of your respect. I feel that way for McCain so if his private prayer was published I would be bothered by it and would wish bad luck to the person that did it. So this has nothing to do with who one supports or not, taking someone's prayer and using it as political capital is the worst political tactic right below assasination.
I wonder if this says anything about Israel or the people's attitude towards Obama.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shopping while Black

This is why Black people in America need to seriously come up with Smart Black spending strategies. Don't put money in places that don't respect your humanity.
This is the latest from CNN's Black in America series.

By Soledad O'Brien
For Atlanta native Leah Wells, it's the humiliation she remembers most.

Not long ago, Wells sent me a note and forwarded a letter she had just mailed to Glenn Murphy, chairman and CEO of Gap Inc. The letter detailed what happened when Wells and two girlfriends decided to ditch the gym during an office lunch break and do some "power-shopping" instead. The three young women, all in their 20s and all black, ended up detained for shoplifting.

"We were dressed professionally," Wells told me. "It was casual Friday. We had on dresses and casual office wear. We were racially profiled. It was as simple as that."

Wells says she and her friends were detained by six Gwinnett County, Georgia, police officers for "about an hour and a half" at the entrance of an Old Navy store, owned by Gap. Their crime, as Wells sees it, was being black in America.

In her letter to Murphy, Wells describes enduring "disdainful stares from the mothers and grandmothers and children entering the store." Police responded to a call from mall security about a gang of shoplifters in the store. They found no stolen merchandise on Wells or her friends. No one -- not the police, not the store managers -- bothered to apologize.

"No matter your education, your status or profession, some still only see the color of your skin," Wells wrote two months after the event.

Full Story

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cindy McCain Rwanda. @Cindy, Obama didn't do it!

And so the campaigns continue with stranger news coming out by the day. The latest is that Cindy McCain is on a tour in Rwanda. Well I'll be damned! Even the Rwandese are a little skeptical. Here is the article form USA Today.

By Rick Hampson, USA TODAY

MASAKA, Rwanda — Her trip may not be as high-profile as another world tour underway right now, but Cindy McCain insists she's not in Africa for publicity.
The wife of presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain said Monday that her trip here to Rwanda with a bipartisan group of politicians is merely a return to the scene of a disaster she witnessed 14 years ago — the Rwandan genocide.

Her visit comes as some Republicans have complained that news outlets are paying too much attention to Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's travels in the Middle East and Europe.

"I came with no press, and I have a history of being concerned with these issues," said McCain, who is a board member of CARE International, a relief agency.

"I'd be here whether my husband was running or not. … I've been doing this all my adult life," she told USA TODAY in a brief interview.

The ONE Campaign group, which aims to call attention to poverty around the world, came to this village to tour a community health center that had no anti-AIDS drugs for patients until 2004, when a U.S. program made funds available.

Monday was the first time since she arrived in Rwanda last week that McCain took questions from reporters. All the activities of the U.S.-based group had been closed to journalists. "I was here during the 1994 genocide, so it was important to see for myself what has been accomplished in this nation," she said.

About 1 million people were killed in about 100 days when leaders of the nation's Hutu majority organized a campaign against the Tutsi minority. As the violence raged, a group of doctors and nurses from American Voluntary Medical Team — an aid group that McCain founded in 1988 — traveled through Rwanda on their way to attend to a cholera outbreak in neighboring Congo.

Rwanda is now relatively peaceful.

Asked if, as first lady, she'd be an advocate for Africa, she said, "I already have been … and I'll continue."

McCain said she was particularly moved by a meeting Saturday that was arranged for the visitors at Rwanda's national genocide memorial museum. A 36-year-old woman from eastern Rwanda told the Americans that she lost 120 relatives in the genocide and was raped 12 times, sustaining internal damage that bars her from having children.

But she said she was thankful she was not infected with HIV as a result of the rapes.

The woman appeared along with a former soldier who admitted to killing people who'd sought refuge in a church during the genocide. He apologized, and the woman forgave him.

"For me to sit there and watch that kind of reconciliation between two people like that …" McCain said, her voice trailing off. "I put myself in her place, and I don't know if I could have done that."

The major broadcast television networks gave heavy coverage to Obama's trip to Afghanistan and plan to do the same on his upcoming visits to Jordan, Israel and western Europe.

The three major network news anchors stayed home during John McCain's recent foreign travels, prompting Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., to complain that Obama's travels were "nothing but a political stunt."

The ONE Campaign excursion included Democratic former senator Tom Daschle; former Clinton White House chief of staff John Podesta, also a Democrat; Republican former senator Bill Frist; former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican; and Republican former congressman John Kasich.

One Rwandan who met McCain and the ONE group said their visit was appreciated, whatever its motive.

"There is what is called 'the sacrament of presence,' " said Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, head of Rwanda's Anglican Church. Because of visits like these, he said, Rwandans "no longer feel abandoned by the international community. It's a way of saying, 'Sorry. We weren't here when you needed us, but we are here to comfort you.' "

"They may do it for political reasons," he added, "but they can't go back without something on their minds. Rwanda is a school — a school for politicians, historians, anthropologists. … You can't come to Rwanda and go back without any questions in your mind."

Obama to blame for high gas prices

I swear the McCain Camp is desperate. The latest ad blames Obama for the high gas prizes. Really?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Salma Hayek, Screw Love!

Okay, Salma Hayek has broken up with her Billionaire fiancee Francois-Henri Pinault. They have a child together. Of late Salma has been MIA on the Hollywood scene so it may be that she didn't want to sacrifice her career for marriage albeit to a billionaire. Am I strange for thinking that Salma has lost the plot? Unless its the man that wants out, why would any woman let go of a Billionaire? Seriously. I am not an advocate for gold digging but if I found myself in a relationship with a billionaire, I would not let go and would be faking it all the way. First of all some of that money would go to very good causes that I hold dear like massive education of African Kids, screw love, there are more important things.
Salma hasn't completely lost out since she has a child with the man and naturally will have to receive child support from him but DANG!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nature's joke

Another set of twins where one is black and the other white. I wonder what life is like for these types of twins when they grow up in Western Society as is in terms of race relations.

And this is even stranger

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Finally the UN ssems to have woken up to declare Sudan's dictator Omar Al-Bashir a war criminal. Hundreds of thousands dead and God knows how many more because those on his side have promised to turn Dafur is a grave yard.

The UN, typical of them, have started evacuating their staff from the region. This is exactly what happened before the Rwanda Genocide. The way these criminals work, is that they don't want to be seen by foreigners killing their own, so when people like the UN start pulling out, that is a death sentence to the natives, literally. You would think the UN has learnt something but apparently not. Bashir is not only responsible for one genocide, he aided the rebel insurgency in Northern Uganda that lasted almost 20 years. This guy is up there with Pol Pot and Milosevic. Idi Amin is a amateur to this guy. And he has some nerve, he just approached the President of Uganda, whose country he has been distabilizing, to back him up against the International Court's accusations. Did I mention NERVE? In all this there is China that has been going against the arms embargo on Sudan by providing them with Equipment and training. Their defence? It was on a small negligable scale.

Obviously China has interest in Sudan Oil that the Dafurians are lounging over. The quicker the genocide, the better for them. However there have been many attempts to overthrow the Khartoum Government by various African neighbors, so these charges are an opportunity for them to do the job once and for all. BASHIR MUST GO! Maybe Mugabe can grant him Asylum joining former Ethiopian dictator Haile Mariam Mengistu in the waste basket. As for China, good luck getting that oil once Bashir is gone.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Miss Denmark - Universe, Black?

Maria Sten-Knudsen, Miss Denmark 2008

Okay, I never even follow those lousy beauty pageants but out of curiosity decided to look through for some representation. I did find Miss USA and a few African sisters plus two from countries I had never heard of. Then I saw Miss Denmark and went WTH? Miss Denmark 08 is clearly part black. One would naturally expect a blond blue eyed female from the Scandinavian country but NOPE. Unfortunately there is not much info out there about her but this one is a head scratcher. Are Europeans especially Scandinavians more progressive than we give them credit?
IMO, she has one of the best bodies in the competition.

Maria Sten-Knudsen, Miss Denmark 2008 poses for a photo in her swimwear. She competed for the title of Miss Universe 2008 during the 57th Annual Miss Universe competition from Nha Trang, Vietnam.

And you got to love You Tube

And now contast with Miss. South Africa

The Gods have surely gone crazy

Friday, July 11, 2008

If you don’t respect your manhood, no one will

Okay this will be abit strange but bear with me. I am posting a column by one of my favorite columnists. He calls him self Dr. Love and writes for one of our local dailies. He specializes in intimate issues and naturally writes from an African man's perspective. In this particular piece he is commenting about a recent story that has men petrified and feminists celebrating. Anyway, the story is that a 43 yr old man was trying to rape a 10 yr old girl. The mother of the child was tending to her garden and heard her child's distressed screams. To the rescue she ran with a knife she had been using to cut up stuff and caught the man red handed. Instantly she grabbed the man's penis and CUT IT OFF and threw it away. The search for the penis is another long story involving a dog but anyway, he can never regain his manhood. So here my favorite columnist writes about the moral of that story.

Dr. Love, Hillary Bainemigisha

Once upon a time, there was this lone female voice in the wilderness which opined that rapists and defilers should be divested of their physical manhood. A few men barked back, but the threat of castrating rapists had gone on record.

Then last month in Kashari, one Angelina Kyomugisha, 40, tried it out and scooped off everything. She had left her kids asleep early morning to tend to her banana plantation. The day was going on fine till she got distracted by screams. She went to investigate and found a 43-year-old village-mate, Geoffrey Mugarura atop her daughter of 10 in a manner that suggested he was not teaching her the ABC of the HIV prevention strategy.

She was thunderstruck. That gave her the strength of the Biblical Samson that enabled her to disarm Mugarura of his manhood with a kitchen knife. I must say I admire Kyomu because had it been me, I would have buried that knife in his heart. But she carefully chose a punishment the alleged rapist will live on to suffer. Bravo woman, you must be Omushambo by clan!(Clan known for being fierce)

Every parent would imagine the worst punishment possible after stumbling on a senior citizen attempting to rape their toddlers. Kyomu was spot on. Nothing will ever be worse than Muga’s experience. If few can stand when tubal ligation is mentioned at family planning clinics, how can they stand the total castration? For many, death is even a better alternative.

Police may have arrested her for taking the law in her hands. And even if she lost the case – considering that the police report says there was no penetration, Muga will never be the same again. His family is now demanding sh8m in damages!(about UD$6000) (I wonder whether I can ever ‘sell’ mine that cheap! Not even at the age 100!) Activists may even contribute the money, but Muga will never get anything to scare children with.

Although they never want to accept, men are ruled by their penises. It is nature’s way of making men work for better survival of the human race in an arena of competing inhabitants.

I am sure when Mujorooto, 61, was being forcefully circumcised by custom-fanatic tribes mates recently, he had to stop wriggling and lie still at zero hours. Fidgeting would have been risky for him even with expert Bagisu circumcisers. That way, he lost the sheath he had protected all along but saved his manhood.

But you wonder how men fail to respect their king. Some expose it to all manners of risk, different dangerous caves, sewage spots, narrow avenues and God knows what. No, please, NO!

Whatever you are, as a man (wealthy, educated, respected, valued, etc) boils down to the gonads, which reside in the testicles, the high office of the penis (which Muga does not have now).

Why can’t you have the courtesy to respect your source of progressive fuel? And what right do you have to remain with the resource? I think penises should be left to those who know their use and value.

Anyway, if you don’t want to see my point, and prefer to keep sending your kings to undeveloped places, get set for the consequences. Victims are learning. One knife later, you will be dehorned and condemned to ridicule forever. Unfortunately at this point, I am starting to wonder why I am writing all this. Maybe I should just shut up.

Chrysler Building Sold to a foreign Sovereign Fund

Chrysler Building, New York City.

Wow, I know we are in the era of Free trade and free markets but when a sovereign fund purchases a major American land mark, I can't help but wonder.

The Chrysler Building, a New York landmark has been sold to a sovereign fund in the Emirates for under a Billion dollars. Most active countries in the global economy do have sovereign funds and through these are able to purchase almost anything from participant nations. Problem is that in this politically charged world, some purchases may have underlying motives and may be suspect. In Britain there is an apprehension towards sovereign funds making purchases of key national companies to the extent that some have been blocked. The most active Sovereign Funds are from oil rich Middle Eastern countries, and according to some reports, there is stiff competition amongst their countries on who can buy the best and biggest of a Western company, property or institution. Its now an issue of prestige and status to own a piece of America or Britain.

When TATA bought Land rover and Jaguar from Ford, one writer, in a celebratory tone, was quick to recall Ghandi's response to what he thought of Western Civilization, "it would be a good idea".

So the Indians have bought major western car Icons, the Middle Easterners are steadily buying their part of the West, the Chinese own most of America's debt. Where exactly is all this heading?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson, COME ON!

Old Jesse wants to cut off Obama's balls for talking down to black people! This is clearly a state of taking one step forward and 1000 steps backwards.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here comes the hate mail

Well well, I have been getting some hate mail of late. So today I got one JoVent send me some information he considers fact regarding the state of the black race.

And here is the wonderful email;

Although blacks are 12% of the population blacks commit 50% of the murders and a greater percentage of other crimes. Consider: black females - 6%. Blacks from zero yrs. to 12 yrs. and black males from 50-100 years commit an infinitesimal percentage of the crimes. Therefore we are left with two percent. If we eliminate crimes committed by this two percent from the U.S. statistics our country compares very favorably with all Western countries. Fact -- blacks kill 7 times more than whites kill. Fact -- blacks kill whites 20 times more than whites kill blacks. Fact -- blacks mug or commit group crime against whites 50 times more than whites commit against blacks. Fact -- blacks rape white women 2000 (yes 2000) times more than whites rape black women. In New York City, about 300 white women are raped by blacks every year BUT there has not been a black woman raped by a white male in anybody’s memory (going back over 20 yrs.) Consider: Al Sharpton had to go upstate New York to find a hoax and that was almost 20 years ago. (Source NYT 4/22/05)

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2004 report (released May 2006), blacks commit 54 percent of the homicides in America even though they constitute only 12 percent of the population.

An individual black male is seven times more likely to commit murder than an individual white male. It so happens that black felons commit 43 percent of aggravated assaults, 66 percent of armed robberies, 27 percent of rapes and 85 percent of interracial crimes of violence, mainly against whites (this last figure from a Justice Department report 2003). However, it's not just in the United States. The greatest dicators in recent years have emerged in Africa. People like Idi Amin of Uganda, Hastings Kamuzu Banda in Malawi, Mobutu Sese Seko, in Zaire, self-anointed Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Republic, Mohammed Saidi Barre in Somalia, Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe -- the list is endless.

Blacks are dumber as well, statistics analyzed by the New York Times (July 4, 1999) dispel the poverty argument by establishing that impoverished white children whose parents earn less than $10,000 a year score higher on standardized SAT tests than black children whose parents earn more than $70,000 a year. Also, nearly 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock.

People like JoVent amaze me. They take so much time sifting through statistics to prove what they already believe, which is the inferiority of the black race. To top that up they take the time to send this information to me, a black woman. Why I wonder. Do they expect me to be convinced by their poorly veiled vitriol/racism ? I wonder what JoVent looks like ? White? Probably, how many times have we seen the likes of JoVent ranting off "official" statistics to prove the "negro nature" in blogosphere ?
You have to give it to the White supremist mind, it never gives up trying to convince its victim of their inferiority. There are a million and one ways this mind can try to get the message through to the victim and JoVent's approach is one that is common in blogosphere, the use of biased information dressed as empirical evidence and it helps that one of his main sources is the New York Times.

To the JoVents out there, to paraphrase Fanon, the colonized or the native is never convinced of his inferiority. Since you are so convinced of black dumbness, what makes you think we will understand or believe what you have to say about low black IQs ? Why would a very intelligent person waste time to try to inform a naturally dumb person? Remember no matter what you do we will never accept that we are inferior. So your little psychological manipulation that attempts to make blacks believe in their inferiority will not succeed. You are free to keep trying though since that seems to be your life's mission.

People like JoVent are really a disservice to the white race. Its not a secret that whites are the standard of many things that many minorities the world over aspire to. The white race is the pedestal race in the current world order, you only have to go around the world to see that this is true. But then you get the JoVents that instantly bring this impression to a crushing halt and reveals that indeed this is one grand illusion. As dumb as blacks may be perceived, thankfully, that is one Kool Aid that doesn't stay down.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Malcom X Interview. WOW!

This is the first Malcom X interview I have watched and I am quite impressed with his civility and assertiveness. (I am yet to watch the movie because I always had the impression that he was a fanatic) Its hard to believe that this was over 40 years ago.
When you hear about Mx before coming to America, you are given the impression that he was this fanatical Black Power extremist. Well I have a long way to really understand the man but judging from this interview, he is a defender of black humanity. And when that is done, in which ever form, many a white or non black person assumes their own humanity is at risk and so there is a tendency to exaggerate the character of one that dares to stand up and speak up against black oppression. I sort of expected some raging angry black man, a vocal Tyson of some sort and was pleasantly surprised. Now I need to see the difference between the Malcom X before the Mecca trip and the one after Mecca.

Ah! The Rich and Famous; Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley arrives for the first hearing of her divorce case

By now we have all heard of the Million dollar divorce of former Super Model Christie Brinkley. Divorce has to be one of the roughest emotional experiences an individual can go though in life and in that we have to feel for Christie.

Myself and my siblings grew up too close that our boundaries were almost non existent such that when they married and divorced, it was as if I was the one that was married. I even took on some nasty fights with their various husbands with some involving law enforcement. For that my ex inlaws have much love for me. But to me its always be family first, and I have a killer instinct when it comes to threats towards my flesh and blood. I don't know, I am just wired that way. Though sometimes I feel like strangling them myself, it doesn't mean some one else should attempt to hurt them. My sisters feel the same way towards me so its kind of normal for us.

Anyhow back to Christie, I really feel for her but don't understand why she was fooled a fourth time, this being her fourth divorce. Seriously! And to top it up she chose for the divorce to be officially public. Her arguement is that the details will be known anyway. Miss that doesn't mean that you open the door!.
Her soon to be ex asserts that its her attempt to humiliate him. Which could be true since she was so humiliated by his activities and how she found out, at a high school graduation where the father of his 18 year old mistress confronted her. Ouch! I cannot even imagine her pain, however making this thing public is not going to make her custody battle any stronger. I believe she will get the kids but turning this disaster officially a public spectacle is not wise. You would think that she would have learnt from the last three. But apparently not. And this is working against her in a way because people are questioning her judgement. Married 4 times and then this. Her children, though still young will get to know the sordid details of their father's trysts, courtesy of any newspaper and various media out there. Come on Christie, you didn't think of that?
What is this really about? Should we be looking ahead for some book deal, reality TV show or something?
Is the American public so bored with their lives that they want to be entertained by a nasty divorce? Or is it that pervese pleasure from watching the beautiful and rich people fall ? Either way Christie, that was one lousy move, I do hope you win custody though.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

ROOTS, Chappelle version

You have got to love the genius that is Dave Chappelle.

Addicted to tanning?

This is one beauty treatment y'all blacks need not worry about. I still don't get it. Why would anyone want to roast themselves? Same thing I guess I would ask blacks that bleach their skin, WHY?!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Good Slave. This is so wrong LOL!

And the black Brits debate on what really ended slavery-Paul Gilroy

Its 5 for Venus and why I hate L A

I woke up this morning and the match was over. That is one little part of being on the West Coast that I hate. The rest of the world has literally moved on while we are just waking up. Anyway I missed the match and now have to rely on left over news. Same thing applies to New years day, there is no exitement what so ever when the ball droppen in New York hours earlier. Its really messed up.

Anyway if you missed the match like me. Here is my version of it. The biggest news for me was that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was at the match. That says something. I don't remember ever seeing her at Wimbledon. Bringing the old Iron (though now frail) lady out to watch you play is quite an achievenment in my book. And they both won the doubles finals too. Thanks girls.

Ahhhhhhh! Sweet success

As for the Men's final Federer vs Nadal. Well I don't know. Nadal is looking exceptional while Federer is trying to break a record. Its truly going to be a battle. According to Safin you have to run around like a rabbit playing Nadal. Its a tough one, who ever wins will deserve it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

YAY! Its an all Williams Wimbledon Final and naturally with some controversy

Yes, Another all Williams final. Serena managed to break through Jie Zheng's super confidence. That is a mark of maturity on Serena's part. I believe Tennis is 50% mental than the actual physical game. If your opponent manages to crack your esteem, its over. The sisters are lucky to have strong serves. Their main weaknesses come out when they rally. The other players are very aware of this and try to push them to rally. Zheng's rallies were exceptional that she almost took the second set from Serena but that serve put her out.

Speaking of Tennis being a mental game, Court No 2 in Wimbledom is known as the grave yard court for seeds and no top seeded player wants to play on it. But the organizers thought it appropriate to put both the Williams sisters to play on the jinxed court earlier in the tournament on the SAME DAY!. Hmmm.

With an all WIlliams final, expect the haters to froth and seethe. Unfortunately Venus' defeated opponent Dementieva had this so say about about an all Williams final, “For sure it’s going to be a family decision.” Venus took this as an offence and had this to say,“Any mention of that is extremely disrespectful for who I am, what I stand for, and my family.” Good for you Venus. Amazingly this is not the first time Dementieva has made such a comment, she said this in a previous all Wiiliams final,“I don’t know what Richard thinks about it. I think he will decide who’s going to win.”

A note to Dementieva, unless you are named after some common mental disorder, just expend your bitching energy in the gym and some postive thinking exercises, then attempt to take out one of the Williams and don't bitch about it if it doesn't go your way. Alternatively, take a hint from Kournikova, exploit your assets. After the controversial statement, Dementieva ( Dementia?) put out a clarifying statement by saying that English is not her first language. What! Deme..whatever, If this was your first time, we would understand. By the way you may want to take a close look at the career of Martina Hingis, then it won't be such a bad idea learning abit from Kournikova.

Watch out Serena

Jie Zheng of China

The Williams sisters have made it to the Semi finals at Wimbledon and an all Williams final looks possible except for a little problem in the form of Jie Zheng from China. She has played too well sending the No 1 seed Ana Ivanovic home before bed time. And now she meets up with Serena for the Semi Finals. For all her strength and talent, Serena still seems to lack the mental strength that Venus has. Zheng on the other hand oozes with confidence and determination. And I can see her easily taking Serena out and meeting with Venus in the final.

Serena, the village is praying for you.

On a side note; I have seen somethng strange among this years competitors. Signs of excess fat esp around the middle aka spare tyres. One would imagine that being a tennis pro, it would be impossible for one to be carrying any excess fat.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"I am not a racist"

Dog "I am not a racist", Bounty Hunter

Okay, I know race talk is tired but of late I have began noticing the whole debate on racism take a different tone, especially with public figures. I just watched a piece talking about Bill Clinton's primary injuries from the Obama camp. One of which was the accusation that he is a racist, an interpretation that stemmed from some of his offending remarks aimed at Barack during the primaries. Anyway the pundits say that Bill is very bitter because his long hard earned reputation with in the black community had been tarnished. To be part of the general election, they say, the onus is on Obama to reintroduce Bill to the black community and help clean up his tainted image and win back the love he once had (why that its so important, I am not quite sure). Bill meanwhile was just out partying away his woes at Mandela's 90th birthday. The general feeling is that his legacy was damaged by the primaries and the racist charge was the worst attack.

Michael Richard's full rant

However, there are numerous public figures that have been caught with their racist pants down and the first thing they say is, "I am not a racist". Look no further than the infamous Michael Richards rant and Dog, the Bounty hunter. After being caught they went out on public campaigns to explain how they were not racist. Dog's son was out trying to clean up his dad's image. A few months later, a picture of the same son with a white supremest emblem of his jacket was taken. It was at that point that I realized that even if you found someone with a swastika tattooed to their forehead, their first response will be, "I am not racist". Which begs the question, what makes a racist? Sometimes I feel blacks and whites have different definitions and what blacks think is a racist, whites don't see it as such. So what does it mean to be a racist?

Also I wonder, why are whites so offended when they are accused of being racist, most especially when they have done something that is indicative? I am quite aware of my biases and if someone called me out on them I doubt I would go to the great lengths I see many accused white people go through to disapprove something that may be true.

Michael Richards apologizes

I think this is where our different definitions come in. Even more surprising is the reaction of the white public to an accused person. The level of condemnation is amazing. In many times worse than what the blacks have to say. Though one has to question the genuineness of some of this outrage. In the case of Michael Richards, he was almost attacked by the audience at the Laugh factory after his tirade but the Seinfeld DVDs released at the time sold much higher than anticipated. The DVD sales support largely by white America was seen by some as white America's underlying agreement with his sentiments. But publicly he was condemned.

So what does it mean to be racist ? When minorities treat each other cruelly, as I have on many occasions experienced, are they being racist?