Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Williams Sisters

Its no secret I am a great fan of these girls. I love Venus' grace. I have not seen any celebrity more graceful and love Serena's fierceness. I however feel that these girls are not as celebrated in Black America as they deserve.
Seriously, am I missing something? There seems to be little collective appreciation for what they have done for the sport by demystifying it as a Whites only spot. Occassionally you will see them at functions and in cameos. Maybe I am expecting too much. Don't other sports heros return to their homes to parades and stuff? Where is the William sisters' parade ? Or did I miss one?
Ofcourse a Wlliams story would not be complete with out the racism they experience as they go about their game. It has often been so bad that they once chose to opt out of playing at the Indian Wells. And no, this is not in India (like I originally thought)but in good old USA. It has been noted that on home ground while playing against a foreigner, the crowds often times have supported the foreigner. Yet the girls continue to play but to little recognition for their efforts. Because of them, the women's game was changed forever and thanks to the efforts of Billie Jean King and their own raising of the game, the prize money at Wimbledon for both men and women is now equal. Why aren't we seeing alot more appreciaton ?

Williams Vs Kournikova and Rubin