Thursday, June 26, 2008

ROOTS - The Search for one's heritage

I am actually reluctant to do this post. But the idea came from the previous post and felt I could not ignore it.

We all know of the now popular DNA testing by African Americans, trying to trace their roots. Technology has indeed come of age.

What I find disturbing are the detructors, claimng that its too small a sample people are looking at. I am lost at that logic. Firstly even if its a small sample and someone's DNA is traced to a group of people, does that negate the fact that they have the DNA shared by those people ?
Secondly, Africans have migrated with in Africa since for ever. Even Africans themselves may need the same DNA tests to trace their exact origins which would end being a cyclical effort. Hardly any Africans are a pure breed from one ethnic group.

My tribe is a very recent formation that adopted the cultures of others but through intermarriage and so forth our genes are just as mixed as AAs, the only difference is we may have clear the memories of recent ancenstors since we were never broken apart. Many African groups are adopted into tribes with in which they settle. A good example is in the previous post where the guy identified with another tribe to get out of being circumcised by his tribe. There are many people from all parts of Africa that manage to assimilate in tribes of their choosing. Somalis that migrate to the Central areas tend to assimilate into tribes that descended from them. Though these people are now mixed with other groups, they feel at home with them.

So for one to argue that a DNA need to be spot on is really not making a strong point. Fact is, a person with identifiable African features has their roots in Africa. And if their DNA gives them a hint on which genes they carry, they have every right to claim a heritage of their choice from the choices before them. And I mean claim, not request for acceptance but claim it.

Now the real people I have a beef with, are the West Africans. (I love you Nigerians, Ghanaians etal, but please, y'all need to own up, the truth shall set you free. Any information on this issue will be most welcome. Thanks)

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