Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Pundits are on Michelle Obama

What is so hard for anyone to understand why a Black American may not have the same patriotic fervor as any other American? Is white America so disillusioned or they simply continue to under value a black persons humanity by expecting them to look at the past and present injustices as a non issue or pretend they don't exist?

I once told an African American that I will soon be proud to be an American and her response was, she would never want to hear it.

Personally I understand if a Black American lacks patriotism, thing is, their patriotism is severely misunderstood. I have heard enough anti African comments to know that they could never trade their place in America for the motherland.
As an African, if I became naturalized, I feel it is way easier for me to be patriotic than if I were an African American. Who in the world gives unconditional love to a destructively abusive parent ?

What these Michelle critics need to understand is very simple, a land that has fought hard to destroy you does not deserve alot of your patriotism. It is actually short of a miracle that such patriotism does actually exist.