Sunday, June 22, 2008

Naomi Campbell at it again?

Naomi and her legendary temper is at it again but this time she is claiming racism from British Airways. Well surprise surprise! Breaking news for minority travellers, British Airways is racist. Ask any Africans that travel frequently. My first taste of racism was on my initial flight on BA when I was travelling to London. We had two emergency stops and spent a day in Cyprus. I got the flight from Nairobi, Kenya and had 3 other fellow countrymates on the flight with me. Because of the frequent landings, we had to interract with the staff more than we would like to and got the BA treatment to anything black. Even before I knew the nuances of racism, it was pretty clear the Africans on the flight where being treated differently. As a rule since then I don't fly BA. My Airline is Emirates which goes through Dubai, probably the best Duty free Airport in the world. Their fares are always cheaper since they don't purchase their fuel, its provided for by the government. And they beat BA in rankings and obviously service. My recommendations would be to replace BA with American or Virgin. Being a national carrier they seem to have less consideration for service while Virgin will go the extra mile. Never had any issues with American Airlines, they know how to treat people
To Naomi, keep it simple, never fly British Airways.