Friday, June 27, 2008

Follow up on the forced Circumcision

Mujoroto just after he was circumcised in Nsambya

All the guys can relax now. The abducted ciircumcision evader survived the ordeal and is now "done" and a "total" man.

By Godfrey Kimono and Ronnie Kijjambu

Stephen Mujoroto, who was forcefully circumcised in Kampala, says he will not sue the militant youth who ambushed him for the cultural ritual.

Mujoroto referred to them as poor youth who would not have money to pay him if he sued and that his son was among them.

He was also heard bragging to his colleagues at Uganda House that he is now a ‘total man.’

Despite facing the knife on Wednesday, Mujoroto reported for duty at Uganda House on Thursday.

Dressed in a white shirt and black trousers and walking with difficulty, Mujoroto was congratulated and teased by colleagues.

His “arrest” on Wednesday, which stopped traffic on Nasser and Nkrumah roads, followed a tip off from relatives that Mujoroto had for long dodged the imbalu, Bashir Mubajje, who led the attack, said. Well-built Gisu youth including Mujoroto’s son-in-law, grabbed him by the trousers at Canaan restaurant at Uganda House at about 11:00am.

Mujoroto was transported in a special hire taxi to Nsambya, where he was circumcised at about 1:00pm by a Gisu surgeon, Akim Nagweri. “He paid the debt of facing the knife as the culture requires at Nsambya, opposite Besigye’s Patrol Station on Gaba road,” Mubajje said.

At Uganda house, there were reports that the group had been hunting for Mujoroto the previous day, and that he had gone into hiding after a tip-off. Mubajje said they sent emissaries, including his elder sisters, to persuade him, to no avail. Mujoroto is said to have disguised himself as a Muganda from Mityana, yet he was born in Buduuda.

His given name is Stephen Wateya.

Mubajje said they were surprised Majoroto left home on Thursday morning, because culturally, men get three days’ rest after the procedure. He wondered why Mujoroto had evaded the circumcision yet “he is a brave man.”