Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clooney Single again!

Ok, I know this is cheesy. Celebrity gossip when I should be concerned over whether the Southern Sudanese rebels will eventually bring down the Sudan government so the madness in Dafur can stop. Well its not so far fetched since Clooney himself has been very active on Dafur and vists the region quite abit.
Also another reason is that Soila, our fellow villager, has an eternal crash on Clooney and so this is good news. (Soila I told you he would wake up. Next we need Tom Brady to dump that woman what ever her crazy name is, Antelope, Cheetah, whatever!)
I have always had a suspicion that Clooney is a closeted IR man but its just a hunch. Maybe time to come out of that IR closet dude if you are in there.