Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wonders never cease - more reason to relocate to the Emirates

The World's first dynamic skyscraper is going to be built in Dubai, UAE and the second one in Russia. Ah! The amazing wonders of technology and and human ingenuity.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

You have to love Lenny Henry

Debate over forcced circumcision begins.

Again another follow up on the circumcision story. Since this is the first time it has made the headlines, it has stopped being some sort of quirky ritual the Bagisu practise and now has been thrown out in the open. Uganda has over 50 tribes and only this tribe has the practise. The other tribe, the Sebei, circumcise their women but not the men. Its like way back these two were one tribe and couldn't make up their minds and split up to torture one gender. So it looks like a debate has started on whether the tribe's actions in this case are constitutional. One of the dailies had an editorial about it.

New Vision Editorial

ON Wednesday a group of youth in Kampala grabbed an old man, unzipped his trousers to confirm he was not circumcised, shoved him into a car and drove him to a suburb for forced circumcision. Their argument was that the man, being an ethnic Mugisu, was under obligation to undergo circumcision. This is absurd.

Whereas the Constitution provides for citizens’ rights to practise their culture, this must not be forced on anyone. It is the same constitution which guarantees individual citizens’ rights to liberty and privacy. The youth not only invaded the old man’s privacy, but also subjected him to unnecessary physical pain and psychological torture, let alone exposing him to undue risks of wound contamination. Sadly, this happens to many men every circumcision year. In some cases such militant youth ‘arrest’ an uncircumcised man and circumcise him on site. Such acts only reinforce and justify other harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation.

There are many other traditional practices such as kneeling, and widow inheritance that are generally accepted among certain communities. However, human beings should not be turned into prisoners of culture. Cultures should not infringe on people’s dignity or welfare. Inhuman and degrading treatment should not be allowed.

More importantly, people should be allowed to decide whether they take up a cultural practice.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Follow up on the forced Circumcision

Mujoroto just after he was circumcised in Nsambya

All the guys can relax now. The abducted ciircumcision evader survived the ordeal and is now "done" and a "total" man.

By Godfrey Kimono and Ronnie Kijjambu

Stephen Mujoroto, who was forcefully circumcised in Kampala, says he will not sue the militant youth who ambushed him for the cultural ritual.

Mujoroto referred to them as poor youth who would not have money to pay him if he sued and that his son was among them.

He was also heard bragging to his colleagues at Uganda House that he is now a ‘total man.’

Despite facing the knife on Wednesday, Mujoroto reported for duty at Uganda House on Thursday.

Dressed in a white shirt and black trousers and walking with difficulty, Mujoroto was congratulated and teased by colleagues.

His “arrest” on Wednesday, which stopped traffic on Nasser and Nkrumah roads, followed a tip off from relatives that Mujoroto had for long dodged the imbalu, Bashir Mubajje, who led the attack, said. Well-built Gisu youth including Mujoroto’s son-in-law, grabbed him by the trousers at Canaan restaurant at Uganda House at about 11:00am.

Mujoroto was transported in a special hire taxi to Nsambya, where he was circumcised at about 1:00pm by a Gisu surgeon, Akim Nagweri. “He paid the debt of facing the knife as the culture requires at Nsambya, opposite Besigye’s Patrol Station on Gaba road,” Mubajje said.

At Uganda house, there were reports that the group had been hunting for Mujoroto the previous day, and that he had gone into hiding after a tip-off. Mubajje said they sent emissaries, including his elder sisters, to persuade him, to no avail. Mujoroto is said to have disguised himself as a Muganda from Mityana, yet he was born in Buduuda.

His given name is Stephen Wateya.

Mubajje said they were surprised Majoroto left home on Thursday morning, because culturally, men get three days’ rest after the procedure. He wondered why Mujoroto had evaded the circumcision yet “he is a brave man.”

Thursday, June 26, 2008

ROOTS - The Search for one's heritage

I am actually reluctant to do this post. But the idea came from the previous post and felt I could not ignore it.

We all know of the now popular DNA testing by African Americans, trying to trace their roots. Technology has indeed come of age.

What I find disturbing are the detructors, claimng that its too small a sample people are looking at. I am lost at that logic. Firstly even if its a small sample and someone's DNA is traced to a group of people, does that negate the fact that they have the DNA shared by those people ?
Secondly, Africans have migrated with in Africa since for ever. Even Africans themselves may need the same DNA tests to trace their exact origins which would end being a cyclical effort. Hardly any Africans are a pure breed from one ethnic group.

My tribe is a very recent formation that adopted the cultures of others but through intermarriage and so forth our genes are just as mixed as AAs, the only difference is we may have clear the memories of recent ancenstors since we were never broken apart. Many African groups are adopted into tribes with in which they settle. A good example is in the previous post where the guy identified with another tribe to get out of being circumcised by his tribe. There are many people from all parts of Africa that manage to assimilate in tribes of their choosing. Somalis that migrate to the Central areas tend to assimilate into tribes that descended from them. Though these people are now mixed with other groups, they feel at home with them.

So for one to argue that a DNA need to be spot on is really not making a strong point. Fact is, a person with identifiable African features has their roots in Africa. And if their DNA gives them a hint on which genes they carry, they have every right to claim a heritage of their choice from the choices before them. And I mean claim, not request for acceptance but claim it.

Now the real people I have a beef with, are the West Africans. (I love you Nigerians, Ghanaians etal, but please, y'all need to own up, the truth shall set you free. Any information on this issue will be most welcome. Thanks)

Isaiah Washington traces his roots

Vanessa A. WIlliams gets emotional

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where circumcision is a must

This is a common story, every even year among the Bagisu, a tribe on the Uganda/ Kenya border. A man tries to dodge the tribal ritual of circumcision by running off to the City and adopting himself, hopefully, into another tribe to avoid the painful rite of passage. Problem is, the tribe has the right to find runaways and forcefully circumcising them thus turning them into men. Latest studies show that this tribe is one of the two least affected by AIDS. So there seems to be a correlation between circumcision and fighting AIDS successfully which has given this tribe even more steam to enforce the practise. Its only done to men in this case. They don't circumcise women and never have.
So what happens is they trace you wherever you are, whisk you away and do the needful then set you free. They will get you at any age, they know who you are and you can run but can never hide with in the region. So to avoid the embarrassment, most males oblige and do it in their teens. A few think they can beat the system. This is a tribe of about 2 million people with numerous clans. Even without official records, they know who has been circumcised and who hasn't. Its unbelievable. I wrote off marrying into that tribe because I would never want my sons to go through that. Any way here is the somewhat hilarious story.

By Ronnie Kijjambu

Traffic on Nasser and Nkrumah roads came to a stand-still when an elderly UPC veteran from Mbale, Stephen Mujoroto, was “arrested” by five youth for allegedly dodging imbalu (the Bagisu cultural circumcision rite).

Mujoroto, who is a staunch UPC supporter and former Nsangi sub-county chief in the Obote Two regime, was seized at the Canaan Restaurant on Uganda House at about 11:00am.

Well-built youth, one of them believed to be Mujoroto’s son, held him by the trousers when they identified him chatting away with colleagues.

Sensing danger, the group fled, thinking the Kampala City law enforcers were arresting criminals.

But after the youth explained their mission, Mujoroto’s colleagues allowed them to take him to sort out the “tribal affair”.

Mujoroto’s pretence to be weak and unable to walk did not save him. The youth lifted him into a special hire taxi and took him to Nsambya to face the circumcision knife.

His friends at the scene later said the group had been hunting for Mujoroto the previous day, but on a tip-off, he hid for the whole day.

A youth said to be his son argued that problems had afflicted their family, which he blamed on their father’s refusal to be circumcised.

He said they had sent several emissaries, including his elder sisters, to persuade him to circumcise to no avail.

The helpless Mujoroto opted to dodge photographers. Most of his friends had known him to be a Muganda. After his arrest, a crowd that gathered blamed Mujoroto for having sex for such a long time without being circumcised

Karl Rove Hating on Obama (Revenge of the Nerds 08 ?)

Karl don't Hate!

Ok. I had to make a quick entry. This is hillarious. Bush's brain aka Karl Rove seems like he has some man envy issues when it comes to Obama. This is what he had to say of Obama;

"Obama is "coolly arrogant."
"Even if you never met him," Rove said, "You know this guy. He's the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by."

How petty is that? And a little bizzare since the racism in Country clubs is well known. This has to be the funniest comment in this whole election season but could appeal to highly insecure white men that hate the type of image Karl is painting of Obama. It sounds like something you would get from a high school cafetria. DANG!
I am surprised he didn't describe the woman Obama would be with. To be effective he should have made her blonde and the message would have been more effectively recieved.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Williams Sisters

Its no secret I am a great fan of these girls. I love Venus' grace. I have not seen any celebrity more graceful and love Serena's fierceness. I however feel that these girls are not as celebrated in Black America as they deserve.
Seriously, am I missing something? There seems to be little collective appreciation for what they have done for the sport by demystifying it as a Whites only spot. Occassionally you will see them at functions and in cameos. Maybe I am expecting too much. Don't other sports heros return to their homes to parades and stuff? Where is the William sisters' parade ? Or did I miss one?
Ofcourse a Wlliams story would not be complete with out the racism they experience as they go about their game. It has often been so bad that they once chose to opt out of playing at the Indian Wells. And no, this is not in India (like I originally thought)but in good old USA. It has been noted that on home ground while playing against a foreigner, the crowds often times have supported the foreigner. Yet the girls continue to play but to little recognition for their efforts. Because of them, the women's game was changed forever and thanks to the efforts of Billie Jean King and their own raising of the game, the prize money at Wimbledon for both men and women is now equal. Why aren't we seeing alot more appreciaton ?

Williams Vs Kournikova and Rubin

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do you feel sorry for this woman ?

Is nothing personal anymore? This woman has put all her dirty divorce laundy on You Tube. Is she a victim or a gold digger with bad luck?

Naomi Campbell at it again?

Naomi and her legendary temper is at it again but this time she is claiming racism from British Airways. Well surprise surprise! Breaking news for minority travellers, British Airways is racist. Ask any Africans that travel frequently. My first taste of racism was on my initial flight on BA when I was travelling to London. We had two emergency stops and spent a day in Cyprus. I got the flight from Nairobi, Kenya and had 3 other fellow countrymates on the flight with me. Because of the frequent landings, we had to interract with the staff more than we would like to and got the BA treatment to anything black. Even before I knew the nuances of racism, it was pretty clear the Africans on the flight where being treated differently. As a rule since then I don't fly BA. My Airline is Emirates which goes through Dubai, probably the best Duty free Airport in the world. Their fares are always cheaper since they don't purchase their fuel, its provided for by the government. And they beat BA in rankings and obviously service. My recommendations would be to replace BA with American or Virgin. Being a national carrier they seem to have less consideration for service while Virgin will go the extra mile. Never had any issues with American Airlines, they know how to treat people
To Naomi, keep it simple, never fly British Airways.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Look at who is "unpatriotic"

John McCain fell in love with America after feeling deprived of her company.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Pundits are on Michelle Obama

What is so hard for anyone to understand why a Black American may not have the same patriotic fervor as any other American? Is white America so disillusioned or they simply continue to under value a black persons humanity by expecting them to look at the past and present injustices as a non issue or pretend they don't exist?

I once told an African American that I will soon be proud to be an American and her response was, she would never want to hear it.

Personally I understand if a Black American lacks patriotism, thing is, their patriotism is severely misunderstood. I have heard enough anti African comments to know that they could never trade their place in America for the motherland.
As an African, if I became naturalized, I feel it is way easier for me to be patriotic than if I were an African American. Who in the world gives unconditional love to a destructively abusive parent ?

What these Michelle critics need to understand is very simple, a land that has fought hard to destroy you does not deserve alot of your patriotism. It is actually short of a miracle that such patriotism does actually exist.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sex Tourism in the Islands

Seriously check these fools out. Really!

Another show from Britain. This is hillarious. You can follow the other parts to

This is C1's blog Britain style

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A gem from You Tube, Temple Christian

YouTube gets a bad rap but there are some rare gems in there if you have the patience. Some of these "broadcasters" would do well in the main stream but since that is close to impossible for some, we have YouTube without which we would never find these characters.

I discovered Temple Christian of GurlTalk TV and love his black man's perspective on relationships. You get from him the idea of what BM are thinking. You may disagree with him but I find his approach quite respectful and comical though abit harsh at times. I see him as a young black man trying to get their voice heard, so differences aside I think he is worth some time.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Interracial relationships in Britain

Its official, Britain is the world leader in terms of interracial relationships. Is this a good thing for Britain though?

I came across this discussion panel and it was interesting to see how other people deal with the subject.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama's "relatives" on the rise.

Barack Obama is received by his grandmother, Mama Sarah when the he visited Kogelo village, Siaya, in 2006.

I could not help myself but go to Kenyan local papers to see how Obama's nomination was being recieved. And true to form, my fellow villagers there didn't disappoint me.
This is an excerpt from The Standard Newspaper that covered a story on how his Grandmother's village is taking the whole election.

US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, said Obama’s win would have tremendous impact on Kenya.

"Over 350,000 Kenyans live in the US, with another 7,000 traveling there annually, which explains the great interest in the race," Ranneberger said.

Back at Obama’s father’s home in Siaya, residents basked in international glare as CNN led other international media teams in airing to the world live the joy of the village.

CNN was live at Alego Kogelo at 10am, showing villagers holding bottles of ‘Senator’ beer to celebrate the Illinois Senator’s win.

Journalists, armed with sophisticated satellite equipment, began arriving at the sleepy village from as early as 6am on Wednesday.

Many installed their equipment at the home as they waited for permission from the family to interview the senator’s grandmother.

Other international media at the home included BBC, Reuters and Al Jazeera.

However, the media had to wait for more than two hours before they could get access to Mama Sarah, who has become the biggest local celebrity.

The number of people claiming to be related to Obama also increased as the news of his victory filtered into Nyanza.

Full story

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Uganda Martyrs, How Christianity got its boost in Africa

Every 3rd June, Christians from all over the world descend to The East African country Uganda on a pilgrimage to the Uganda Matyrs Shrine. Their story though inspiring to Christians shows how the way was paved for colonialism in Africa. They are heroes to most but to the Buganda Kingdom, they were traitors and for that they were burnt alive. To be fair, the quick spread of Christianity and western education also helped buttress what would have been an otherwise hostile/aggressive and repressive relationship with the colonialists.

The Uganda Martyrs shrine in Namugingo

By James Kiefer

On 3 June 1886, thirty-two young men, pages of the court of King Mwanga of Buganda, were burned to death at Namugongo for their refusal to renounce Christianity. In the following months many other Christians throughout the country died by spear or fire for their faith.

These martyrdoms totally changed the dynamic of Christian growth in Uganda. Introduced by a handful of Anglican and Roman missionaries after 1877, the Christian faith had been preached only to the immediate members of the court, by order of King Mutesa. His successor, Mwanga, became increasingly angry as he realized that the first converts put loyalty to Christ above the traditional loyalty to the king. Martyrdoms began in 1885. Mwanga first forbade anyone to go near a Christian mission on pain of death, but finding himself unable to cool the ardor of the converts, resolved to wipe out Christianity.

The Namugongo martyrdoms produced a result entirely opposite to Mwanga's intentions. The example of these martyrs, who walked to their deaths singing hymns and praying for their enemies, so inspired many of the bystanders that they began to seek instruction from the remaining Christians. Within a few years the original handful of converts had multiplied many times and spread far beyond the court. The martyrs had left the indelible impression that Christianity was truly African, not simply a white man's religion. Most of the missionary work was carried out by Africans rather than by white missionaries, and Christianity spread steadily. Uganda now has the largest percentage of professed Christians of any nation in Africa.

Several years ago I heard an African clergyman, born of pagan parents, tell of his conversion. He said:

One afternoon I was bicycling along a road and met a young man about my own age bicycling in the opposite direction. He promptly turned about and began to ride beside me and to talk. He spoke with great enthusiasm about Jesus, whom I had never heard of before, and how He had destroyed the power of death and evil by dying and rising again, and how He was God become man to reconcile man with God. I heard what my companion had to say, and before we parted I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Now, the young man who preached the Good News of Jesus Christ to me that afternoon had himself heard of Jesus for the first time that morning.
Renewed persecution of Christians in the 1970's by the military dictatorship of Idi Amin proved the vitality of the example of the Namugongo martyrs. Among the thousands of new martyrs, both Anglican and Roman, was Janani Luwum, Archbishop of the (Anglican) Church of Uganda.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clooney Single again!

Ok, I know this is cheesy. Celebrity gossip when I should be concerned over whether the Southern Sudanese rebels will eventually bring down the Sudan government so the madness in Dafur can stop. Well its not so far fetched since Clooney himself has been very active on Dafur and vists the region quite abit.
Also another reason is that Soila, our fellow villager, has an eternal crash on Clooney and so this is good news. (Soila I told you he would wake up. Next we need Tom Brady to dump that woman what ever her crazy name is, Antelope, Cheetah, whatever!)
I have always had a suspicion that Clooney is a closeted IR man but its just a hunch. Maybe time to come out of that IR closet dude if you are in there.