Monday, May 19, 2008


In the news at the moment is the wave of violence directed towards other Africans by black South Africans. I would like to say I am surprised but unfortunately I am not.

During apartheid, Black South Africans were severely marginalized by Whites and the other races. Majority were denied formal education, a condition that Nelson Mandela predicted would eventually explode even with the end of apartheid. So at the end of apartheid while Africans in the rest of the continent had gotten a head start due to early independence, majority black South Africans were not formally educated and had developed a negative attitude towards "white man's" education. Due to the shortage of an educated work black force the vacuum was consequently filled by African professionals from other parts of the continent. In a very short while resentment began to grow towards the foreigners that were "taking" the jobs of the natives.
I personally know several professionals that saw the writing on the wall and left the country. Some of whom where viciously attacked for that very reason. It was a matter of time before an outbreak of this type violence would be realised. And it could easily get much worse. Where in the world is an African safe?

South Africa, The New Apartheid