Monday, May 12, 2008

Italian Vogue and the all Black Models Issue

Time for a new post. Its that time of the semester when time starts getting tight but will still keep rolling over here.

Thanks to Nana for the lead, Italian vogue is going to have an all black models issue come July 08.

I guess as a black female I should be celebrating but obviously you can guess I am not. Why should I? Because a magazine has taken on the duty of doing what the fashion industry won't do, utilize black models and looking more moral/accepting in the process? Looks like Italian vogue is having a tendency to charity.
Italian Vogue story

That this should be happening at all should be a shame to humanity but obviously there are multitudes of reasons people will give. In the recent London Fashion week only one black model was used and yes as ususal there were voices of discontent about the blatant racism. The organisers were told by designers that they did not want any ethnics. This is 2008, and we are still going by such criteria.

Obviously I am not a fan of such designers but even more irritating to me is hearing the black voices protesting the racist moves. I understand that blacks that consider the western world their home have to strive for equality, but when is enough, enough? For how long will your difference be used against you and for how long will you fight to be accepted?

As an African, I would not wish to see African models in such environments where their dignity is assaulted. Besides, don't we have better things to worry about like fight disease, increase literacy and fight poverty than worry about the white world finding us aesthetically accepteable?
I think if Blacks looked critically at themselves and fully accepted themselves, the rejection by the White world would not matter much because they would develop their own industries that would take them as they are. And who says there is no market for a black fashion industry ? Like black music, black fashion could easily become mainstream.

Blacks should simply stop expecting approval and acceptance from the White world. Personally I think we have reached the limits with that. Its time to turn inwards.
So Italian Vogue, sorry your little gesture is just a mini band aid on a deep wound.