Thursday, May 1, 2008

Giving White Women a break and what's with Barbara Walters

Ok. We have been giving white women too much of a hard time lately but this story just leaves one wondering. If you are a BW, should you be mad that Gary Coleman ended up with this White woman? Personally I think she is a saint. She wants to save the marriage and Gary wants a divorce. Un believeable!
Sometimes we just need to give white women A BREAK. There are so many BM that cannot find BW they are compartible with. This is not to say that these two deserved each other but you know, sometimes people are better matched with people completely of a different race or background.

Well this is going to be quite a week for IRs and the Nation with Barbara Walters' confession to Oprah that she had an affair with African American Senator Ed Brooke in the 70s.
Unfortunately going through the various message boards and You Tube videos, you would think she is the devil's incarnate. The excuse some a giving is that the Senator was still married to his Italian war bride, yet it appears they were separated, but you know how that will go down anyway. And that is probably not the reason for the outrage.
I think this is going to start a trend of bringing prominent people out of the IR closet.