Monday, April 28, 2008

Did gay Ads cost Ford Jaguar and Landrover?

OK. I still can't get over the fact that Ford sold off Land rover and Jaguar to the Indian Company TATA. Why am I so bothered? The Range Rover is my all time favorite car. My heart misses a beat when I see one. Seriously. I was sad when the British had to sell it and now while I was getting comfortable with the Americans owning it, they now sold it to the Indians and frankly I am a bit nervous about the future of the Range Rover.

I was thinking today, then I remembered that Ford was embroiled in a controversy over advertising the two brands in in Gay publications. I remember seeing the ads on TV and indeed if one has an inkling of conservatism, then the Ads were pretty uncomfortable. So its no surprise that the American Family Association(AFA) lead a two year boycott that succeeded in damaging the Company's bottom line. And now Ford has paid a heavy price to the detriment of some of us that love the brands regardless of where they are advertised.

Ford and the AFA Battle