Monday, April 21, 2008

African Americans in Africa

John Amos

Its funny how blog topics come up. I was over at Sid's blog where a fellow villager is thinking about getting a DNA test to trace her ancestry. I encourage her to do so. Then I thought of the many African Americans I have met that have been to Africa and their experiences. So I decided to look through the archives of some of our local papers and came across some interesting stories. I will post them as I find them.

BACK TO THE ROOTS: Amos and Ndere members do their thing

By Fred Ouma and Patrick Munyani

American actor John Amos, known to many Ugandans as Kunta Kinte, has pledged $50,000 (about sh100m) to Ndere Cultural Centre.
An acclaimed film artiste, Amos made the pledge during his visit to the centre at Kigowa on Sunday.

Flanked by Dr. Carol Adams, the director of health in the US state of New Jersey, Amos said he would hand over a $10,000 cheque to the director of the centre, Stephen Rwangenzi on Monday, promising to finish the donation within five years.

He applauded the centre for its talent, saying he would adopt it by giving the little he could afford.

Amos said many Black Americans ‘have not bothered to come home’ because of the negative image the western media deliberately portrayed of Africa.

Amos, who is part of the American delegation in Uganda surveying investment opportunities, promised to redeem Africa’s ‘false’ image by investing in information and communication technology in the country.

“I pledge to bring technology to Uganda to depict the true picture of our origin. There is nothing in the western media that an African can smile about. All we see from here is total misery of wars and diseases yet it’s not true. This negative image has to stop by all of us getting involved,” he said.

Amos danced to Pastor Okudi’s popular Wipolo tune.