Saturday, March 15, 2008

White Woman does the Ndombolo

Awilo Longomba

While I am waiting to blog on a story that is unfolding right now, I will post about one curiosity.

There is a curious trend growing on conglese music videos scene and that is white women as queen dancers. These are the female dancers that accompany congolese artists. I don't know much about these women but it appears they put in alot of time in mastering the dance moves.

Traditional African dances are very hard such that most of them have to be learnt at an early age in order to be flawless. And even life long learning is not a guarantee to mastery. A person of a particular tribe can tell you don't belong to them by the way you perform their dance. (Try spotting Snoop Dog in this video).

The Kiganda dance is virtually impossible to learn as an adult. I have seen afew foreign students try it to almost die of exhaustion. But I have also seen a white woman attempt it. It was a commendable effort.

If you can fast forward the video below to 3.45 mins you will understand why you can not just wake up one day and do the dance.