Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to insult an African- A guide for the Non African Black

If you have been around IR blogs you will have noticed a very disturbing trend, confrontations between Black Americans and Africans. So if you are Black American and ever got caught up in one of these confrontations there is a ready to go script that you can use for your assault.

This format is the standard and is highly favored by combatants. You are encouraged to pull out the script whenever some lousy African tries to pull some superiority ish on you. Show them where to put it by following data. Also posted are pictures that you can conviniently placed as back up.

1) Africa is one poverty stricken country (whatever!) and all you Africans come here suddenly want to feel superior to us, who have fought and suffered. Now you parasites come over and enjoy these freedoms we have created.

2) Your black skin still makes you a N*****r. More so since majority of us in America have mixed heritages from europe and native American. You take on White racism and think you can belong but at the end of the day you are still a N****R to them.

3) Africans are dying like flies of AIDS so take your Superiority ish else where.

4) Your governments are so lousy, you cannot even feed your own people that is why y'all are starving to death.

5) Colonialism ended along time ago and you guys are still killing each other. Look at what happened in Rwanda, in Dafur and now Kenya! And don't go blaming d'evil White man.

6) You lack basic infrustructure and are still running around naked in the bush.

7) This is our country, we built it, we understand that you have to kiss the white man's ass to get your green card, after all there is nothing left for you in Africa, however don't come over here and tell us how to deal or respond to racism.
Do your hassle but keep out of our business.

This script will definitely put this backward being in their place and please have no fear of a backclash. Other than at most two lone lost and idle white guys, no one will come to the defence of the wretch(es).

And to these white fools draw out the White Supremist card and you will be home free.
Afew sisters may come to their rescue but these are simply mammys craving acceptance. Ignore these, they will eventually come to their senses.