Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gaddafi's Heaven on Earth

Libya's Leader Muammar al Gadaffi is one hard character for an African to get around. Its hard to decide whether to like him or to be wary of him.

In the last few years he has been a strong advocate for the the formation of a United states of Africa. Not a bad idea at all.

At the moment he is in Uganda to open an Arab African youth conference with about 3000 delegates from Africa and the Arab world. He is also there to officially open the Mosque that will be the home of the Muslim Supreme council in Uganda. Both Events are heavily funded by him. And this is where Gadaffi's popularity kicks in among some African countries.

Under his leadership his counrty is one of the few well managed countries on the continent with its citizens enjoying freedoms in their own homegrown type of government refered to as Islamic Socialism. One of the many benefits the Libyans enjoy is the right to own a house. Libya is one of those very few successful societies that one hardly hears about.

However this success has given Gadaffi the confidence to assume that he can spread the so called success all over Africa hence his aggressive advocacy for a United States of Africa with him naturally as its first potential leader. And he wants this as of yesterday. This attitude he showed at the last African Union Summit in Accra Ghana where he left early because most African states were not dancing to his tune.

Many political analysists say that Gadaffi will not see his dream of a US of Africa in his life time. So he should get over himself and keep doing what he has been doing by being generous with his money all over the continent like he did rebuilding of the Toro Kingdom Palace.

Gadaffi, though his ethnicity is quite dodgy with rumors that he is Jewish, seems to not take into account the differences between the Africans in the North and those of Sub Saharan Africa. The differences among the two are clearly seen in places like Darfur. And what does his majesty think of Dafur? In an interview at a Summit in Europe, he said that everyone should stay out and let the situation resolve itself! And the black Africans are supposed to take this guy for their leader?

Anyway Mr. should just stay content with his achievements for his people and keep the freebees coming. He is already having his own version of heaven on earth by having an entourage of female supposedly virgin body guards that live and will die for him. What is up with that?

His argument on creating female fighters is that if women are trained and taught the art of combat they can better protect themselves and not be victims like those in other war torn Arab countries. Okay, here its hard to make up my mind whether the guy is a feminist or a total chauvanist! What do the feminists think?

His female body guards known as The Amazonian Guard are killing machines. They are trained to protect him and die for him. They also take a vow of chastity and apparently many young women are dying to take on this role. As a matter of fact one got killed saving his life when his convoy was attacked by assasins by throwing herself in the line of fire.

So even if Gadaffi doesn't see his dream of being the first leader of a United States of Africa, atleast he has seen his heaven on earth.

His relationship with the Queen Mother of Toro Kingdom is fodder for gossip media in the region and of concern to many since her Kingdom has recently been discovered to contain massive oil deposits.

Gaddafi is also one of those very difficult characters for any African leader to be seen openly canoodling with.