Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alright Zimbabwe, here we go.....

First Kenya and now Zimbabwe is moving further on the path of self destruction with its self styled Hitler, Robert Mugabe.
The votes for the now concluded Presidential election are being counted with Mugabe trailing but looking like he wants to steal the election. And Deja vu!

Unfortunately Zimbabwe being at odds with the Western world over the expulsion and removal of land from the White Zimbabwean farmers, I don't see any mediation and attempts to calm the pending explosion the way Kenya was handled in its post election stalemate. In their air conditioned offices in Europe, politicians will be screaming BURN Mugabe BURN!

Today inflation in Zimbabwe is over 150,000%. This is unimaginable but is not the first time its happened, Germany was in the same position during the first world war era. Interesting coincidence since Hitler is Mugabe's hero.

Mugabe likes to blame international sanctions and refusing to acknowledge the collapse of the agricultural sector, that is the back bone of the economy, which came as a result of the expulsion of the white farmers.
(The expulsion of the white farmers and its implications is a whole other blog topic)

To date there are over 3 million Zimbabweans living out of the country having fled an oppressive regime. Zimbabwe's population is just over 12 million and more are fleeing harsh conditions daily.

Sensing that Mugabe may steal the election like he allegedly did the last time, the opposition, which is leading in the vote count has not ruled out use of force. The government already anticipates this and has already put in place armed forces to quell the foreseen violence. Which makes one wonder, why have elections in the first place?

When things for the ordinary Zimbabwean could not get worse.....Here we go again.