Saturday, February 9, 2008

VILLAGERS, I bring good news!

First off, villagers, it has been quite a week. Many of us have been embroiled in cyber battles. Some worth it and some not.

Since most of us are students and the school period has started, it would be wise to practise some enegy conservation, avoid battles and minimize conflict. Some wars are inevitable as we see some insurgents resurfacing. But still keep energy conservation in mind with the ultimate goal of school in mind.
Enough of the village brief.

And now onto the good news;

People, things are looking up in the field of transportation. I will briefly state our history of transportation.
From this,

As you can see this is very limiting and often we met various challenges especially with loading.

See what I mean.

We are lucky that some French men a long time ago invented the bicycle and since we started getting bicycles in the village, life improved tremendously. For example, we no longer needed to walk 7 miles to school and our day to day chores were eased. A bicycle could comfortably serve the needs of a family of 10.

See below as the bicycle is put to good use.

This is a sister taking her siblings to go see a military helicopter landing, very fascinating stuff.

And now to the greatest news.

While some other places in Africa are in conflict, progress is being made else where. Our dear member of Parliament Hon. James Akena has decided to improve our means of transport even further.

In keeping with the program of those that voted him into the position, he has come up with an ingeneous idea. He purchased small engines from China that can power bicycles. Now that is not all, he has converted the little Engine's fuel consumption by mixing a local gin called Waragi with gasoline. He is working on getting the percentage mix to 80/20.
Waragi is made from Sugar cane, corn, casava and some other abundant crops. Meaning that transportation is going to improve tremendously.

To prove that his bicycle works, he rode it from his home to Parliament. A distance of about 10 miles. Now that is impressive. That is what all legislators should be doing, bringing progress to their people.

Now the whole bicycle coverage is also a roundabout way of informing those WM who like BW, that some standards have to be met or surpassed.

For example TBT, when you take Labellevie, donkeys are so yesterday.

My recommendation is below, that is unless you can come up with something better.

The Hero Power is IT. The Passenger seat and side mirrors are sold separately.
This should be strong enough to carry a weighty couple like you (at 6'4) and Labellevie with her ample behind.

The wonders of the bicycle.