Thursday, February 21, 2008

My racist date

When you think you have seen enough, fate hands you another one. I spent the most uninspiring 4 hours of my life last Sunday evening on an impromptu date with a subconscious racist. Why you may wonder did I waste such precious time?

a) I knew this person from a college class we took together. Since the nature of the course involved a lot of debating, I found his intellect quite intriguing and frankly he is someone you can have an in-depth conversation with as along as you stick to matters American and South American. In terms of nationality, he is Latino but he looks more Mediterranean. He credits his appearance to some white ancestry. We have met at the same restaurant before and hung out chatting so this time I thought it would be fun to hangout again.

b) Frankly, Ignorant people that are harmless can be fascinating to listen to as long as you don’t take their ignorance personally. I always find it interesting when people hold such a low opinion of my type based on appearance. So when they express themselves in that vein, it can be entertaining. (Depending on your sense of humor of course. Africans tend to laugh at the most absurd things).

Our discussion was along the following themes and I will break down his opinions accordingly. The elections, The origin of humanity and migration, Interracial relationships, racism, blacks in the US and his own personal sob story.
Okay here we go;

On the Primary elections;

This individual was shocked that the polls in California predicted an Obama win. From his learned assessment, Obama is just talk and high sounding but is not capable of tackling the republicans the way the Clintons would.
( Note he says Clintons i.e., he is voting for both). On the other hand he said he could have told the pollsters the outcome of the primaries in California because he knew that his own people would never vote for Obama and the reason was simply racial.

This particular statement was not racist per say but it shows the nature of his thinking.

On the migration of Mankind to other parts of the world.

Seconding a theory that he read ‘somewhere’.

Africa is a very harsh and cruel environment, so people who had more self esteem, moved from the very cruel environment following the rivers from the Nile into Asia and Europe. Those with even a much higher self esteem moved to the Americas.

According to this theory, Africans have a very low self esteem and while the rest of the world has higher esteem and therefore the overall human worth of the African is less than other people. This person still envisions Africa as one big very hostile jungle!

On interracial dating.

Blacks in America due to history carry their aggression and it is in their demeanor. Why would any man have to put him self through dating a black girl when there are plenty of others? Also he would not like to have to go to a club with this girl and have all the menacing black thug like men in the vicinity! Not worth it!

Here I had to tell him that he is talking in stereotypes and that there are blacks in America of all social types. He concurred and gave me an example of the wife of a former Secretary of state, who didn’t have the “typical” black girl attitude and look.

He said that he is fond of the smiley ‘Nigerian’ type blacks and went on to give an impression of a smiley imbecile like Stepin Fetchit. He affirmed that those are the types of blacks he can get along with. Nice and jolly.

The only thing missing in his little theatrical act was black paint and lipstick.

Some humor

He tapped into his humorous bone by creating scenarios on how Africans try to trace their ancestors. This is a bit offensive so watch out. It went something like this.

“So when Africans get together to do their family tree, do they go , ‘oh, we are descended from Erastaramus , Aristarums, Erectarumus etc?’ (as in Pre Homo Sapien humanoids!).

Now, I have a wacky sense of humor but here I had to engage my racist fire wall in order not to get offended. Unfortunately he thought I found it funny and he came up later with some spear jokes.

The Civil Rights movement

He explained how the achievement of the civil rights movement is mainly credited to blacks yet Jews played a major part. And most whites that were part of the civil rights movement were Jews. According to him it should have been named the Human Rights movement ( Big difference)
The gospel according to my date.

On racism;

Whites have an innate inferiority complex that is acted out as white Supremism and used to oppress the rest of humanity. Evidence of this can be seen from the days of the crusades to the present. ( I am sure there are many minorities that would like to believe this).

What was I doing through all this? I am not sure. If you have been through life experiences like wars and a lot of craziness, some things just go over your head. I was tolerant of his ignorance because I saw it as harmless to me as an individual. May be I should have countered him more, but what difference would it make? So I just sat, watched and listened and now blogging about it. Would I hang out with this person again? Most likely just see what else he can come with.