Saturday, January 12, 2008


OK, this is a post about us, the chatterers. Apparently we have become the most undesirable group in IR blogoshere. We all know it started at C1's and now some bloggers in the IR environment are expressing concern about our unbecoming and embarrassing behaviour as it pertains to black women.

We are being equated to a gang that has sly ways of getting other posters to join our little evil group. Here s the list of accusations being slapped at us. We need to take time and contemplate on them:-

1) Already mentioned, we are embarrassing black women on an international stage that is the Internet.

2) We are not more than 19 years old. Other than Falone I don't know any one else that is under 21.

3) We use gang behavior and techniques on C1's blog to include or exclude people.

4) We are jealous of the popularity of some long standing successful IR bloggers. And are still very bitter over not accessing certain pay per read blogs.

5) We claim to be going to college.

6) Some of us are drooling over C1. (Falone own up!)

7) We have no money to afford weaves that is why we hate on those that wear them.

8) We talk about non related topics like Chicken. (OK, I am guilty)

9) Among us are spies of the pay per read blogs that spill info into open blogosphere ( I didn't know that the info in there was classified)

10) We are lesbians ( TBT are you? )
11) We are all Africans and hate AAs. ( Ok all you AA impostors, its time to come clean now. Yan I know which tribe you belong, no need to keep denying!)