Thursday, January 24, 2008

Proof that we are all human

South Korean lawmakers fight in parliament Friday Dec 14 07

It is no secret that IR blogosphere has become brawl ridden.
The most reputed site for online IR brawls is Caesar's Palace aka C1's blog.

The comments section normally starts out with comments on topic but due to, among other reasons, discussion fatigue and boredom, an idle and disorderly poster always comes up with something real or imaginarily offensive. Enter the anonymous posters armed to the teeth firing aimlessly. And so starts an online brawl that will last on average a week.
God knows what would happen if indeed these posters were in the same room. Some of us would not come out alive. And to think that some of those involved are on a different continent! Technology does indeed bring us together.

So in true online tradition, I am posting a clip showing our legislative brothers in South Korea do their thing when someone says something disagreeable.

You go boys!