Thursday, December 27, 2007

BENAZIR BHUTTO, The definition of a strong woman

Today I am mourning the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, two time Pakistan Prime Minister and slated for a third term. A determined Assasin shot her first then detonated a bomb this morning in Pakistan.
I can not even put coherent words together on why I am deeply saddened. Some questions run through my mind at the moment.

Was it because she was;

- A woman?

-A strong woman. The real definition of a strong woman?

- A graceful woman and beautiful one at that?

-The first woman and youngest executive at age 35 to lead an Islamic nation?

- A real survivor of relentless political persecution that claimed the lives of her immediate family members?

-A woman that emphasised education and brought progress to rural parts of her country in other words a woman that cared for villagers like myself?

-A mother, she fulfilled her duty to nature?

- A graduate of Harvard's Radcliffe College and England's Oxford?

The list is endless. Despite the allegations of corruption, nothing can take away the fact that this was a great woman. Unequalled in this day and age. Her demise is a great loss not only to Pakistan but critical to the whole world considering the politics of nuclear arms and the significance of political stability in that region.

And finally, no woman ever looked more beautiful in a scarf. Sorry Jacky O.