Sunday, November 25, 2007

Uganda Dance : Abakyla na Abami

Kiganda Dance.

I am fascinated by African dances. My own not being very excting (wreckless jumping with the ultimate aim being to crack a concrete floor) I love to watch the other tribes that have more advanced styles of dance and choreography.

The Kiganda dance is by far the most difficult one that I know. The idea is to move your waist independently from the rest of the body then the other parts are supposed to fall in sync. All the while, you should be mostly on your toes. It is very exhausting, even watching it. But it is a good work out. There are different variations of it depending on occassion. The most honored one is that performed for the king. It is incredible to watch.

This particular artist sings in fork tradional style with traditonal instruments. Nothing Western. Her themes are mainly about Marriage and social graces according to Kiganda tradition. You can tell alot about the tribe by what she says. The visuals give a good idea.